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Solomon Islands
Friday, January 28, 2022

    Isabel marks anti-corruption day

    The Isabel Provincial Government (IPG) has hosted the International Anti-corruption Day celebrations at Buala last week.International Ant-corruption Day is observed globally on 09th December, however due to unforeseen circumstances, the day was marked on...

    Isabel tribe objects to Win Win company

    By EDDIE OSIFELOTHE Three Brothers tribe has objected Go Win company to carry out nickel mining on their land at Suma, Isabel Province, because it is an associate company of the controversial Win Win...

    Maringe leaders call on MP to resign from DCGA

    LEADERS from the Maringe District House of Chiefs are calling on their Member of Parliament, Dr Culwick Togamana to leave the current government as a form of action and responsibility.In a letter sent to...

    Isabel leads in anti-corruption campaign

    Isabel Province is taking the lead in supporting the Solomon Islands Independent Commission Against Corruption (SIICAC) in the anti-corruption campaign in the province.This followed the invitation by the Isabel Provincial Government (IPG) for the...

    SIICAC rolls out anti- corruption awareness

    The Solomon Islands Independent Commission against Corruption (SIICAC) has completed a week-long anti-corruption awareness program in Kia village, Isabel province last week.    A Government statement said the awareness program is part of SIICAC’s first cycle...

    Village students act to restore food security

    By CHARLES KADAMANAStudents and surrounding communities at Kolokoda primary school in Isabel province are taking action to restore food security now under threat due to climate change.As part of the action, they are currently...

    Sir Tuti graduates urged to strive for success

    BY CHARLES KADAMANAMinister of Foreign Affairs and Member of Parliament for Hograno Kia and Havulei constituency Jeremiah Manele has urged Sir Dudley Tuti College graduates to keep on striving for success.He highlighted this during...

    Social media reveals sea-level threat in Solomon Islands

    By EDDIE OSIFELOPICTURES on social media have revealed the immediate threat of sea level rise on the sea coasts around Solomon Islands.This comes as global leaders and financiers are trying to find solutions on...

    Kava pre-processing training for farmers

    THE Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) through its Isabel Extension Division has successfully concluded a three-day training on kava pre-processing for farmers from Keregu, Haevo and Buma villages in Isabel Province from 13th-15th...

    Hovi School plans to have Form-6 by 2025

    By EDDIE OSIFELOHOVI Adventist Secondary and Primary school in Gao Bugotu, Isabel Province aspires to reach Form 6 by 2025.This year, Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) run school registered Form one and Form two.Principal Gilbert...