Kalenga CHS hosts consultation with community leaders to formulate school’s development plan


At a historic occasion on Sunday 11th February 2024, the Kalenga Community High School (CHS) in Bugotu, Isabel Province hosted a successful consultation with the community leaders of Sepi and Suva to gather their contribution towards formulating the school’s three years development plan.

The consultation was organized by school administration.

It ended with strong backing from the leaders including women, chiefs, youths and students pledging full support behind the school to advance the school’s infrastructure development aspiration.

The school’s new Principal Mr. John Kaba expressed gratitude, welcoming the solid collaboration between the communities and the school as a step in the right direction.

Mr. Kaba said formulation of the school’s development plan is crucial to address the development needs of the school.

He said the current administration under his leadership, believed on collaborative approach, one that promotes inclusive participation by all stakeholders and community is one of the primary stakeholders to advance the schools development agenda.

“Our main focus is to formulate a school development plan that will solve the much-needed infrastructure development that the school currently face.

“Also, to engage community with the school development as they have all the resources to move such development

“We believe it is the way forward in school development, to spend money on school needs, to give the communities the sense of ownerships and setting the school’s priorities right.

“Our aim is to promote and market our school to the rest of the world and seek donor support to assist the school.

“As leaders in the communities, we value their contributions, the consultation was used as an opportunity to recognize their efforts and show them the importance of their ideas and contribution towards the school.

School Principal Kaba used the occasion to thank the communities for their attendance which he described as a reflection of mutual dedication to see the school advanced its aspiration.

“Yes, it was a great success because, we manage to get the much-needed information from their discussion and contribution

“We were able to collect data to formulate the three years school development plan based on much needed areas.

“Leaders are very happy because it’s their first time to have such consultation and have their ideas and contribution heard they feel being part of the formulation to draw up the school development plan. Also, it broadened their knowledge and understanding on how a community high school setting is like.” School Principal Kaba said

A senior teacher at the school, Mr. Johnson Bako said, infrastructure development at the school is a pressing issue faced by the school in this modern age.

He said the demand for modern building facilities and equipment is a long overdue need of the school.

Mr. Bako stressed that school has faced a huge challenge, from rundown buildings, delayed renovations on staff houses, dormitories and classrooms.

“This is detrimental to the welfare and learning of students and teachers. There should be a conducive learning and teaching environment for students and teachers.

“With this in mind, this three years development plan is necessary. We need a comprehensive plan to get us there, in order to archive our vision.

“Participation of the communities is crucial to ensure that we are on the same page.

“It reflects the shared vision to see enabling environment for the teachers and students to enjoy education.

“We look forward to work collaboratively with the communities for future engagements.” Mr. Bako said

Kalenga CHS was established in the 1980s a Primary School, accommodating students in two major villages, Sepi and Suva.  In 2009 the school introduced first form 1 and in 2018 it introduces first form 4 with lack of preparation for the introduction of form four especially the infrastructure development. This year it accommodates around 220 students from form 1-5.

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