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Solomon Islands
Friday, July 17, 2020

MHMS plan to establish quarantine facilities at provinces

BY MAVIS NISHIMURA PODOKOLO MINISTRY of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) plans to establish quarantine facilities at the provinces...

    RCDF for Temotu Vatud questioned

    BY LYNTON AARON FILIA A concerned voter from Vanikoro in the Temotu Vatud constituency called on its Member of Parliament to explain the distribution of the Rural Constituency Development Fund (RCDF). He said over the past...

    60 endangered species shipped to Singapore

    BY MAVIS NISHIMURA PODOKOLO LACK of breeding sites in the Solomon Islands has led to 60 Santa Cruz ground doves being shipped to Singapore two weeks ago with the hope of repopulating their inhabitants. With the...

    Government urged to stand ground against mining company

    BY BARNABAS MANEBONA NENDE people call on the Government to stand ground over being challenged by the decision of the Mines Minister to cancel prospecting licence PL 01/16 over Nende Island in a Judicial Review...

    SIWSAP helps Tuwo village with weather data system

    BY LYNTON AARON FILIA UNITED Nation Development Programme (UNDP) has partnered with the Solomon Islands Government to install a new weather data system for the people of Temotu province. The new weather data system supports the...

    David and Goliath

    Nende community celebrates victory over bauxite mining on their land   By Alfred Sasako   THEY are little known even in their own native Solomon Islands. But members of the community on the tiny island of Nende in...

    NSO rollout village census final phase

    THE National Statistics Office (NSO) is rolling out the final phase of the Village Resource Survey & Household Listing 2017-2018 (VRS). Commenced in mid May 2018, provinces that come under field enumerations for the 3rd...

    Separate ward for Anuta approved

    BY LORETTA BRIGIDIA MANELE THE report has been passed by the Temotu Provincial Assembly and is now with the Boundary Commission in the national level who has approved the recommendations. According to provincial secretary, Mr Alan...

    Tikopia welcomes first Premier visit

    BY LORETTA BRIGIDIA MANELE TEMOTU Premier David Maina has been hailed a champion by Tikopia’s Chief John Arikitafua for his visit to the island on May 8, 2018 which also marks the Temotu provincial government’s...

    Temotu Premier tours far eastern outliers

    THE Temotu Premier and his 28-member delegation left Lata onboard MV Onogou for a nine-day visit to outliers of the province. He left with his delegation yesterday for Utupua, Vanikoro, Tikopia and Anuta Islands. During his...

    Temotu province passes budget

    TEMOTU province has passed its appropriation bill 2018/2019 on Wednesday last week. The budget is however uncertain because the national government is yet to pass its budget. Mover of the motion, Baddley Tau, ward member for...