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Solomon Islands
Wednesday, May 12, 2021


    By EDDIE OSIFELO ABOUT 142 tonnes of fish stocks worth around $2.4 billion (USD$306 million) were caught in Solomon Islands Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ). This was based on the Forum Fisheries Agency (FFA) member states comparative...

    Tuna offers hope during covid-19

    BY MAVIS N PODOKOLO TUNA as a national asset for Solomon Islands offers more hope for the country in the current covid-19 pandemic. Minister for Ministry f Fisheries and Marine Resources Frederick Kologeto echoed this yesterday. “Today...

    MFMR ensures SI benefits from tuna

    BY MAVIS N PODOKOLO MINISTRY of Fisheries and Marine Resources is working closely with its stakeholders to ensure all Solomon Islanders receives economic and social benefits from tuna resources. According to Minister for responsible for MFMR...

    Isabel benefits from Gender Responsive Peacebuilding in Extractive Industries programme

    BY JENNIFER KUSAPA WITH the launching of the Gender Responsive Peacebuilding in Extractive Industries programme on Wednesday, Isabel province will be directly benefiting. International Organization Migration IOM Chief of Mission Australia, New Zealand and Coordinator for...

    Solomon Islands celebrates World Tuna Day

    BY MAVIS N PODOKOLO SOLOMON Islands and relevant stakeholders in the Tuna industry have gathered to mark the celebration of World Tuna Day aimed at reflecting on the importance of Tuna to all individuals. The World...

    Black-listed logger ordered out of Ngella

    BY ALFRED PAGEPITU A sub-contractor linked with a logging company blacklisted for its history of non-compliance with the business licence of the Central Province has been asked to leave its operations in the Mboli passage...

    Reports of dead fish near Tulagi

    BY ALFRED PAGEPITU THERE have been sightings of dead fish washing up along the shorelines of Haleta and Tulagi in the Central Islands Province. Villagers in the area are shocked to find dead fish washed ashore...

    Malaita a green province: Mai-Maasina

    BY SAMIE WAIKORI AUKI MAI-MAASINA Green Belt (MMGB) has thanked the Malaita provincial government for helping promote green development in the province. Malaita Alliance for Rural Advancement (MARA) government is one of MMGB’s regulatory partners. Solomon Islands Rangers-General...

    Ziata tribes to shut Noro water source this week.

    BY ALFRED PAGEPITU NORO township is likely to face a water crisis as landowning tribes are threatening to close down the Ziata water source from Tuesday this week.  The action by the tribes follows disagreement over...

    Taking steps to protect leatherback sea turtles

    By IAN KAUKUI  SOLOMON Islands, a country with one of the world’s most extensive shorelines, has taken a step towards conserving the nesting beaches and protection of Pacific leatherback sea turtles. The Nature Conservancy (TNC) office...