Isabel province clinics the latest to voice frustrations over ongoing problem

Drug shortage is taking a toll on health and medical services in the rural communities of the country.

This problem is experienced across the country, starting with the national referral hospital (NRH) in the capital, clinics around Honiara administered by the local municipal authority, and clinics and mini-hospitals around the provinces under the national government.

The ministry of health (MHMS) is struggling to keep a sustained flow of medicine and medical accessories to these outlets.

People in Isabel province can no longer keep their frustrations, and are calling on the national government to address the ongoing problem of severe drug shortage in the clinics there.

These clinics have reached out to the Ministry of Health and Medical Services, urging immediate attention and resolution to this critical matter.

A nurse employed at one of the rural clinics expressed their distress over the depleting drug supplies.

They disclosed that the clinic’s medication stocks have run-out and their hopes for resupply lie with the Ministry of Health and Medical Services.

This issue has persisted for over two months, causing distressing implications for patients who are in dire need of these medications.

Adding to the growing concerns, Dana Rusi, a woman deeply committed to the well-being of her community, voiced her concern regarding the ongoing drug scarcity at the clinic.

The consistent unavailability of essential medicines has raised serious worries among both healthcare professionals and the general population relying on these clinics for their medical needs.

The current drug shortage poses a significant challenge to the accessibility and quality of healthcare services in rural Isabel Province.

Immediate intervention from the Ministry of Health and Medical Services is paramount to alleviate the distressing situation and ensure that patients receive the necessary treatments without further delay.

Therefore, Ms Rusi urged the authorities to swiftly address this issue and collaborate with all relevant stakeholders to implement lasting solutions that prevent such shortages from occurring in the future.

MHMS is being sought for comments.

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