Infrastructure challenges delay Kalenga Community High School


THE commencement of the 2024 academic year at Kalenga Community High School in Isabel Province is expected to be delayed due to necessary renovations required for the dormitories and some staff houses.

A concerned parent informed the Island Sun that the girls’ dormitories at Kalenga School urgently need renovation, as the current building is deemed unsuitable for accommodating girls.

Nester Diana highlighted that the girls’ dormitory was built several years ago and has not undergone any renovations since its construction.

She said the new school principal visited the school last week, and seeing the poor state of the infrastructure, the school principal decided to return home, awaiting the completion of the necessary renovations before resuming academic activities.

The girls’ dormitory, constructed with traditional materials, requires significant repairs to create a safe and conducive living environment for the students. Ms. Diana pointed out that the previous school management neglected to take appropriate measures by opting for a permanent building for the girls instead of continuing to use the aging leaf-house dormitories.

Ms. Diana said that in addition to the dormitories, several staff house also require renovation before the school year can commence.

Therefore, she said the delay in the commencement of the academic year at Kalenga Community High School emphasizes the importance of addressing infrastructure challenges to ensure a suitable and secure learning environment for students.

“Efforts should be made to prioritize the necessary renovations by previous school management, allowing for the timely start of the academic year,” Ms. Diana adds.

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