Buala Hospital faces financial strain, posing challenges for patient care and operational sustainability


FINANCIAL difficulties are becoming increasingly prevalent for patients at Buala Hospital.

Some individuals facing health challenges have reported being asked to cover their own expenses when referred from Buala to Honiara.

According to a relative of a sick patient, the hospital claims to lack the funds necessary to assist patients in further referrals to the National Referral Hospital in Honiara.

The relative said the situation particularly is challenging for some of the sick patients, as not everyone can afford the costs of travelling.

The need for proper management of funds is evident and the current situation raises concerns about the accessibility of healthcare services for all patients, irrespective of their financial means, the concerned relative said.

Meanwhile fuel providers also share similar concerns, pointing out that Buala Hospital has yet to settle their fuel payments for transporting sick patients. Typically, rural clinics, when lacking fuel, can borrow from providers and later be refunded upon reaching Buala.

However, numerous fuel providers are still awaiting payment from Buala Health Authority. This delay in settling accounts with fuel providers further adds to the financial strain on the hospital.

A retired nurse Leslie Boiregia who also run a fuel depo told this paper that from what they heard was that Buala Hospital’s accounts are overdrawn, indicating a lack of sufficient funds.

Despite efforts to contact the Director of Health for Isabel Province, this paper has been unsuccessful in obtaining clarification on the matter.

Nurses at Buala also confirmed the shortage of funds for transporting patients for further medical treatment. Consequently, families and relatives are left with the burden of meeting associated expenses.

This dire financial situation not only affects the patients but also hampers the hospital’s ability to operate smoothly.

Patients themselves have voiced deep concerns regarding Buala Hospital’s insufficient funds to support medical assistance adequately.

The financial strain on both patients and the hospital’s operations poses significant challenges in ensuring that essential healthcare is provided to those in need.


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