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Solomon Islands
Wednesday, August 12, 2020

MHMS plan to establish quarantine facilities at provinces

BY MAVIS NISHIMURA PODOKOLO MINISTRY of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) plans to establish quarantine facilities at the provinces...

    Genexpert to the provinces

    BY MAVIS NISHIMURA PODOKOLO THE ministry of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) is working hard to make sure the provinces have GeneXpert machines. The GeneXpert machine...

    24 released

    Quarantined Vanuatu-stranded nationals allowed back into society A number of persons serving the mandatory quarantine period at various Institutional Quarantine Facilities have been released. Out of a total of...

    Covid-19 focus returns to Honiara as zone most at risk

    BY MAVIS NISHIMURA PODOKOLO THE government Oversight Committee work focus on preparedness and response plans against covid-19 has been again on Honiara because that is the most likely point...

    Repatriation flights depends on quarantine spaces

    BY MAVIS NISHIMURA PODOKOLO THIRD repatriation flight is likely scheduled for end of this month (June) but this depends on the availability of spaces at the Institutional Quarantine Facilities...

    22 first night

    POLICE makes arrests on opening night of 36-hour curfew, update figures later. Officers of the Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) have so far arrested 22 suspects for the...

    Quarantine centres 300 beds short

    BY MAVIS NISHIMURA PODOKOLO THE country’s institutional quarantine facilities are short of 300 beds, with only 110 beds currently available. This was confirmed by Loti Yates,...

    Total lockdown

    BY CHARLES KADAMANA A real time lockdown situation is set for Wednesday 6pm to Friday 6am to test the capability of the country for possible COVID-19 positive case before...

    Second team SOLMAT leaves for Border

    BY MAVIS NISHIMURA PODOKOLO THE Second Solomon Islands Emergency Medical Team (SOLMAT) left for Short lands Western Border on Thursday 14th May as part of the country’s emergency preparation...

    Quarantine facilities at western border very weak: Yates

    BY MAVIS NISHIMURA PODOKOLO QUARANTINE facilities at the Western Border is still very weak and is not yet fit to quarantine people, says the managing director of national disaster...

    3 under quarantine

    BY MAVIS NISHIMURA PODOKOLO THREE people who were exposed to countries recorded with positive Covid-19 cases are under quarantine at the institutional quarantine centre in Honiara.