Isabel Province Chiefs express concerns over lack of Provincial Police Commander


CHIEFS in Isabel Province have voiced their dissatisfaction with the prolonged absence of a Provincial Police Commander (PPC) in their region, which has stretched on for nearly three years.

This situation has resulted in the Isabel Police force being solely managed by officers holding the rank of sergeant. The Chiefs argue that this lack of leadership has led to a significant decline in the performance of the local police force.

Speaking to Island Sun, one of the Chiefs highlighted that police officers stationed in Buala are weak in their work schedules, often arriving at the station at their own convenience. This, they argue, demonstrates a marked weakness in policing within the province.

Island Sun also conducted interviews with several officers stationed in Buala, who confirmed the absence of a PPC and an Operations Manager in Isabel Province. These officers echoed the concerns raised by the Chiefs, emphasizing the urgent need for new leadership.

“Isabel Province is currently being solely managed by officers holding the rank of sergeant who have been acting in their positions for years. It is imperative that our Police Commissioner and Executives take swift action to appoint qualified individuals to lead us.” One of the frustrated officer said.

The officer further raised the issue that some officers have been acting in these positions for an extended period, and when they applied for permanent roles, only those based in Honiara were considered for appointment.

Responding to the concerns raised Police Commissioner Mostyn Mangau assured the public that a PPC had been appointed and would be arriving in Isabel Province shortly. He emphasized that the appointed PPC holds a crucial role within the Police Force and must undergo a proper handover process before assuming duties in the new role.

Mangau explained that officers were authorized to carry out their responsibilities.

Mangau also addressed the officers’ complaints, suggesting that such concerns should have been brought to the attention of the executive rather than aired on social media platforms.

He clarified that the selection process for these positions had been conducted fairly, with appointments based on merit and how candidates presented themselves to the selection panel, ensuring transparency and fairness in the appointments.

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