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Solomon Islands
Friday, October 22, 2021

    VIEWPOINT- Service delivery worthy of public acknowledgement

    IT’S not often that public servants get acknowledged for services they provide every day for the benefit of Solomon Islanders. They work under stressful conditions, often struggling with equipment that don’t work. And, they get paid...

    VIEWPOINT-PM’s visit to Tikopia

    A grateful community say thank you….PETER FORAUHoniaraMANY people would not leap for joy when the Prime Minister makes a visit to their island but for us, the people of Tikopia, the Prime Minister’s latest...


    Allegations lacked substance and reasonBy EDDIE OSIFELOEMBATTLED foreign consultant Dr Deogratias Harorimana has dismissed allegations levelled against his company AIPF SI Ltd in recent days.Some clients who had sought assistance from Harorimana (Deo) to...

    VIEWPOINT- Isabel wants anti-corruption office

    TRANSPARENCY Solomon Islands (TSI) commends the wish of the Premier of Isabel Province Leslie Kikolo to have an anti-corruption office set up in his province once the establishment of SIICAC rolls out to the...

    VIEWPOINT- Mamara Estate Development

    PETER FORAUHoniaraI have been drawn to the public discourse on the Mamara Estate Development out of shame and my desire to diffuse some of squally allegations that have been made against the project where...

    Chinese companies and domestic politics

    AN OBSERVERTHE row between the national government and the Malaita Provincial Government (MPG) has degenerated to a level that is politically unhealthy and could have an adverse impact on infrastructure developments on Malaita.There is...

    The dilapidated state of Honiara

    Is it too late to modernize our capital city?PETER FORAUHoniaraIT is not an exaggeration to say that the state of debilitation facing Honiara reflects the state of poor governance at the HCC. It will be...

    VIEWPOINT- Virivolomo and his misconstrued facts

    CELSUS TALIFILUBrisbane AVIATION Permanent Secretary Moses Virivolomo’s attempt to denounce what was said about his conduct in Auki is a desperate attempt to misconstrue real facts that were supplied to the premier from his executive...

    A global turning point

    JUTTA URPILAINENCommissioner for International Partnerships, European CommissionPROFESSOR ROBERT DUSSEYMinister of Foreign Affairs, African Integration and Togolese AbroadAFTER two-and-a-half years of intense negotiations, a successor to the Cotonou Agreement is in sight.On 15 April, we...

    VIEWPOINT- SIPA CEO is again in the news, but for mere led lights

    WILLIAM BARILEFormer CEO, SIPAIN the interest of fair press, I take liberty to update readers to the early history of toils and sweat that preceded the most recent glamour and fanfare of CEO of...