Temotu working on new road-map

Lata township airport runway
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THE Temotu Provincial Government is working on the Road Map to 2025 to establish infrastructures such as an international airport, international seaport, a trading vessel, better communication facilities and better roads.

Speaking at the 39th Second Appointed Day in Lata yesterday, Premier Clay Forau said they will liaise with responsible government ministries on these important projects.

“In fact, we have already submitted the infrastructure projects mentioned to the head of government and other donor partners.

“The objective is to have these infrastructures in place before the introduction of state government system in 2025 as announced by the Prime Minister,” he said.

“Our desire is to ensure that Temotu provinces is better prepared for the introduction of the state government system.

“Achieving statehood may very well be both a dream come true for some provinces as well as a defining moment for some like us in the eastern part of the country,” he said.

Furthermore, Forau said the other issue that has been confronting the government is that of land.

He said it is a real dilemma that requires cooperation of land owners.

“The Processes of formalizing land for development cannot be fulfilled without the cooperation of land owners.

“Land owners must understand that land is needed by the government for development,” he said.

Forau said the willingness of land owners to offer land and work together with the government will be a catalyst necessary to advance development.

“The provincial government believes that the issue can be resolved now as land owning groups are now talking with the government.

“There needs to be more registered land in order for the national government and donors to invest in Temotu with confidence,” he said.

Forau said land availability and people’s willingness to work with the government and other development stakeholder is crucial.

He said this will allow us to convert our potential into monetary value that people can use to improve their standard of living.