Police to probe vehicle abuse claim in Temotu


POLICE have confirmed they have received a report alleging Police officers at Lata were drinking kwaso and abusing police vehicle.

Deputy Police Commissioner National Security and Operation Support Ian Vaevaso said the allegations are serious and there are directives from the Commissioner to investigate the allegation.

He said such actions and attitudes of Police officers are condemned.

“RSIPF is a disciplined organization and such actions by police officers should be condemned, and I call on the public that any allegation against police officers must be reported to the Professional Standards Internal Investigation for investigations”, Vaevaso said.

A Chief from Venga village Chief Thomas Menaba in Temotu had made a call to the Police Executive Authority to investigate such manner concerning police officers at Lata.

He said the province is extremely concerned on the conduct of Police officers in Lata.

He said such attitudes by Lata Police Officers undermine the professionalism of the organization.

“We expect professionalism from RSIPF, instead the actions and attitudes displayed by Lata police officers undermines security and law and order in our communities.

“We are calling for investigations as certain officers at Lata were engaging in Kwaso consumption, selling of Marijuana and also selling of Police OBM”, Chief Menaba said.

Vaevaso said officers should behave and act in a good manner in uphold law and order of this country.

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