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Solomon Islands
Friday, December 3, 2021

    Aqorau’s advice on mining screening

    By EDDIE OSIFELOA leading academic Dr Transform Aqorau has offered some advice on how to screen so-called mining companies applying for licences.This came after Ministry of Mines, Energy and Rural Electrification is screening the...

    Local conservation organisations share knowledge

    BY BEN BILUAGizoMAI-MAASINA Green Belt (MMGB) group which consists of conservationists from Malaita province recently completed a look and learn trip to conservation associations in Western and Choiseul provinces.Eddie Huitarau from Solomon Islands Rangers...

    Winrock prepares to roll out activities

    Winrock International Solomon Islands’ Community Engagement Team have reached out to Bina and Kwaibala communities and surrounding areas in preparation for the roll-out of river catchment management and forest protection activities.Protection of fresh waters...

    Honiara to benefit from Solomon Power $1bn programme

    By EDDIE OSIFELOHONIARA stands to benefit $500 million from Solomon Power five years $1 billion SBD capital programme from 2022-2027.This is because it has a customer base of 23,000 people.Solomon Power Chief Executive Officer,...

    Alternative forest products, a must.

    We will have to work on alternative commodities from our forests, either to add from the current reliance or fill in the gap that round log export will create as we continue to reduce...

    Independent leader says ‘no more middlemen’

    The Leader of Independent Group in Parliament, John Dean Kuku, has called on the DCGA to immediately ban foreigners from applying and obtaining licences to export beche-de-mer, and give the opportunity to local indigenous...

    Bigger countries fail Paris Agreement

    BY BEN BILUAGizoTHE Paris Agreement is one of the important frameworks to mitigate effects of climate change through ambitions to reduce global emission.The agreement also establishes an avenue for financial assistance to most vulnerable...

    Logging picks up in Malaita after decline

    BY SAMIE WAIKORIAUKILogging is reportedly picking up in Malaita province.Last year saw a dramatic decline to logging in Malaita thanks to covid-19.Following 21 logging operations reported in the province in the beginning of 2020,...

    Ta’uika Festival launched on Bellona Island

    The Ta’uika Festival, held on November 2 and 3, 2021 on Bellona Island, Rennell Bellona Province, was inaugural hosting of the annual event developed over traditional fishing practices on catching Flying Fish.Hosted at Ahanga...

    MAL looks at reoccupying Dodo creek

    BY LYNTON AARON FILIATHE Solomon Islands Government is setting its lens on reoccupying the Dodo creek land and research facility, which belong to the government but was destroyed during the ethnic tension.Ever since the...