Mayor Siapu commends JICA’s LEAF project


Mayor Eddie Siapu says Honiara City is honoured to host Learning Ecological Activities Foundation (LEAF) project under the JICA partnership programme which supports environmental educations.

Speaking at the LEAF project session and forum towards promoting relations between Honiara and Nishinomiya City on Tuesday Mr Siapu said LEAF project has over the past years supported Honiara City in terms of waste management in its phase one project from 2014 to 2017 that help the council to identify waste collecting points and put them into google maps.

He said LEAF project also helps in waste management education within the various pilot communities on how to separate wastes.

He said from 2017 to 2023 phase 2 of LEAF Project is implementing the existing Honiara Public-Private Cooperation Committee which has been organized in cooperation with citizens, businesses and the administration as the focal community multi-sector partnership.

Siapu said the project aims to develop systemic and continuous environmental education and learning activities for children who will carry the next generation of Honiara’s community develop.

He said Honiara City Council (HCC) is an entity that looks after the affairs of the City. HCC is responsible to formulate and implement comprehensive and systematic measures for sustainable community development.

“Environmental measures mean making active efforts to reduce burden on the environment while preventing environmental pollution generated from its activities at its own responsibility and cost.

“Participate in and provide support to the environmental conservation activities carried out by business operators and the citizens.

 “Concerning waste issues in Honiara City, Council is a responsible authority that collects waste from the residential, commercial houses, council school and clinics.

“The collection systems are done through both council Staff and the outsourced to private companies,” Siapu.

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