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Solomon Islands
Saturday, January 29, 2022

    Landowners reject conservation plan for Onogou/Ramos Island.

    A landowning Association made up of different tribes on Isabel and Malaita province are angered that a group not representing them is planning to implement conservation on Onogou Island, often known as Ramos Island,...

    Logging brawl puts one in hospital

    BY BEN BILUAGizoA brawl over a logging operation on Vella la Vella has placed one person at the Gizo Hospital, while others were questioned by Gizo Police.Report reaching this paper states that a brawl...

    East Kwaio now graces international web pages

    By Alfred SasakoTHE name East Kwaio carries a stigma in Solomon Islands. Despite its rich cultural roots and unique way of preserving their way of living over many years, not many people appreciate the...

    Winrock prepares to roll out activities

    Winrock International Solomon Islands’ Community Engagement Team have reached out to Bina and Kwaibala communities and surrounding areas in preparation for the roll-out of river catchment management and forest protection activities.Protection of fresh waters...

    Rennell villagers claim logging craft damages their marine life

    LANDOWNERS of Nukuma’anu in east Rennell, Renbel Province, claim a logging craft that drifted from west of the island landed on their shoreline last month, causing extensive damages to marine life in their bay.And...

    Under attack

    By EDDIE OSIFELOASIAN loggers have launched an unprecedented attack on the Foreign Investment Board (FIB) as FIB officials venture out to check on the loggers’ operations across the country.FIB officials were in Makira and...


    Businessman wins lawsuit following Police and Fisheries Ministry cock-upBY JENNIFER KUSAPAGovernment could lose $56 million over a huge cock-up by the RSIPF (police) and Ministry of Fisheries (MFMR).Medical professional turned businessman, Dr Reginald Aipia...

    Alarming coral bleaching in Marovo Lagoon: study

    BY BEN BILUAGOVERNMENT’s institutions have demonstrated lack of capabilities in research and welfare of the country’s environment and are depending on International Non Government Organisations to provide necessary information.This was demonstrated in the current...

    Beche-de-mer harvest reopens

    THE Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources (MFMR) has lifted the beche-der-mer ban, reopening the harvest period for a year, starting today.And the ministry advised interested Beche-de-mer (BDM) operators, exporters, fishermen, fisherwomen and the...

    Ahetaha Water Conservation Empowers East Are’ Are Women.

    BY SAMIE WAIKORIAUKIAHETAHA Water Conservation Association (AWCA) has successfully completed a two days community collaboration and training on maintenance and operation of the WASH program from the 18th to 19th November at Ahetaha, ward...