-Low-lying communities across country report unprecedented sea water inundation

-Makira communities hit hard, survivors share experience


A series of high swells is causing havoc in low-lying coastal areas and atolls across the country facing the northern side of the country.

Several reports are on social media including some low-lying coastal communities in Malaita.

In Makira, several communities are reporting unprecedented inundation of sea water as high swells penetrate nearly a hundred metres inland.

A woman in one of these Makira communities, Anna Hadi, spoken to via telephone yesterday, said waves washed into their village, marking the first time they have encountered such powerful waves.

“It was a frightening experience; some elderly people moved to higher ground for safety,” Ms Hadi said.

She added that the entire community remains on high alert, ready to relocate to higher ground if the continuous high waves persist. Ms. Hadi said.

Meanwhile, the Solomon Islands Meteorology has been consistently providing updates since last week regarding the high swells.

A swell advisory is currently in effect for low-lying islands, including Ontong Java Atolls, Dai, Ramos, Sikaiana, and the northern coastal areas of Choiseul, Isabel, Malaita, Makira, and Temotu provinces.

Moderate northerly swells (2.5 to 3.5 metres) originating from the northern parts of the Solomon Islands waters are expected. Coastal inundation is a potential risk in low-lying areas, islands, and atolls. It’s important to note that these swell height estimates do not account for the enhancing effects of local sea currents and tides.

Mariners and residents of low-lying islands, specifically Ontong Java Atolls, Dai, Ramos, Sikaiana, and the northern coastal areas of Choiseul, Isabel, Makira, Malaita, and Temotu, are strongly urged to take precautionary measures. These swells pose significant threats to lives and properties.

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