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NHA approves $34 million to purchase for...

Warrant of arrest issued upon man who arrested for multiple charges

BY ROMINAH FAKA Man who arrested for multiple...

International Children’s Day celebrated

BY INDY MAEALASIA CHILDREN from schools and communities...
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Former Honiara City Council Clerk Rence Sore. Photo: Charles Kadamana

HCC terminates controversial Clerk’s contract


THE Honiara City Council (HCC) Executive Committee has terminated the contract of Rence Sore as City Clerk.

Deputy Mayor Francis Idu told Island Sun yesterday the decision was reached on Tuesday, with Mr Sore receiving the termination letter yesterday.

Sore is being investigated over allegations of corruption. However, Idu said HCC executive were in one-mind to get rid of him.

Sore did not return phone calls made to him last night for comment.

Deputy Mayor Idu said the executive is doing what former Mayor, Wilson Mamae hesitated to do.

“Seven Councillors have decided to terminated Sore after the Councillors Committee members meeting on Tuesday 6th April 2021 held at the HCC Chamber decide to terminate Sore’s contract as the Clerk.”

Idu said the decision is based on the grounds that there is sufficient evidence to terminate the City Clerk; one of the main reasons is illegal sale of Council land PN. 192010-33.

“HCC Legal team stressed that any decision to terminate the City Clerk must come with good grounds to avoid any repercussion.”

Idu said despite this the executive committee favoured terminating the City Clerk with immediate effect.

“There were two options that were considered, and that is either to suspend the City Clerk and allow for investigations to be carried out or to immediately terminate the Clerk.

“We the executive committee’s decision now is to terminate the appointment of the City Clerk immediately.

“During the discussion on the motion put forward to terminate the Clerk, Cr Eddie Siapu stated that it would be in the best interest of the Council and the public to terminate the City Clerk.

“Most of the councillors who joined the meeting shared the same sentiment that termination of the City Clerk needs to be done immediately to clear way forward for the council.

“The executive committee resolves to terminate the appointment of the City Clerk with the immediate effect based on reasons stated on April 6, 2021 meeting.”

Idu said the executive committee resolved to revoke and remove the City Clerk’s signature from the Council’s Bank Account, and resolution was passed by majority.

Meanwhile, Idu said they have appointed the current Deputy City Clerk to be the acting City Clerk until such time a new Clerk is appointed by the full Council.

Present at the meeting were Councillors Francis Idu, Dorah Huapii, Robert Oge, Mostyn Saferio, Clement Terewauri, Luciano Sade and Eddie Siapu.

Ex-officio present were Paul Inifiri, William Floyd and Vincent Kohata.

Malaita PS challenges Public Service over ‘unlawful’ suspension


MALAITA Provincial Secretary Fredrick Fa’abasua is challenging his suspension.

The province said Fa’asubua will initiate legal proceeding unless the Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Public Service, Nego Sisiolo “withdraws the unlawful suspension on him”.

Premier Daniel Suidani confirmed this in a statement yesterday after PS Sisiolo issued the suspension letter to Fa’abasua last Friday.

Suidani said Sisiolo accused Fa’abasua of financial allegations that were “untrue, and in the same letter, he ordered the suspension of our PS, effective immediately”.

“Unfortunately, in doing so, Sisiolo did not follow the process set out in the Public Service Act and its Regulations,” Suidani said.

“The Public Service Act and its regulations have a specific legal process set out, by which such accusations can be taken up and acted upon,” he added.

Suidani said this legal process provides the opportunity for natural justice, and this process was not, repeat was not, followed by Sisiolo.

He said the Public Service Act sets out a process by which any officer alleging misconduct and having supervisory responsibility over the PS must have a report about this accusation filed to the PS of Public Service. 

The PS of Public Service in turn must give a minimum period of seven days to the officer to respond.

“None of these steps have happened or if it had happened the PS has not been aware of it, and therefore our PS has decided to put these issues before the Permanent Secretary of Public Service for him to do the right thing by following the clear process that is set down.

“Soon these matters will be at court but for now I will say the following:

  1. PS Fa’abasua has been an exemplary public officer and a real servant to Malaita people.
  2. His hard work and integrity has led to the repayment of millions of dollars of outstanding debt left by previous provincial executives.
  3. His dedication and faithfulness have seen the charging of fair business licenses on the logging companies ripping our people’s land.
  4. His careful diligence has given pride and hope to the people of Malaita Province.”

Suidani said it is sad after all this work, two different ministries have tried to remove PS Fa’abasua from serving the people of Malaita Province.

Last year in December the Ministry of Provincial Government demanded the removal of PS Fa’abasua back to Honiara.

Suidani said no reason was given in this demand and the PS kept serving the people of Malaita.

He alleged this current action by Sisiolo from Ministry of Public Service is similarly motivated. 

“He (Sisiolo) is trying to remove PS from Malaita Province, this time by trying to suspend him without any proper evidence put against the PS and without even complying with his own regulations.

“I am not sure of the real reason for these constant attacks on PS Fa’abasua, but the timing of this action by Sisiolo will have some severe effects on the people and province of Malaita,” he said.

Suidani said his Executive is scheduled to meet today Tuesday, March 16, to pass the budget for Malaita Province.

“If Sisiolo’s action succeeds, then our PS will be suspended when he should be helping the Executive pass this budget. Malaita Province will then have no budget to spend this year and this will have serious impact on the people of Malaita.

“In light of this seriousness, I appeal to Sisiolo for the withdrawal of the order to immediately suspend PS Fa’abasua. If he has genuine concerns for upholding the rule of law, I invite him to proceed as set out in the Public Service Act,” he said.

Suidani said the PS of Public Service without any good reason is attempting to discipline the PS of Malaita Province, yet he is allowing a person who has been found to be a foreigner by the High Court of Solomon Islands to continue holding senior sensitive political jobs in the Prime Minister’s Office.

“That person too has contravened the Electoral Acts of this country yet the leaders of this country including the PS of Public Service are turning a blind eye on that situation. 

“The PS of Public Service needs to explain that to the people of Malaita.  Why is he tolerating wilful and reckless behaviour by a foreigner and harassing a national without due process?” he asked.

However, PS Sisiolo said the suspension decision is due to serious allegations around unaccountable sum of government revenue in which the PS is alleged to have directly involved in.

“As part of protecting the credibility of the service and upholding better governance, my office deemed it is prudent to suspend the officer from duty to allow investigation into the allegations.

“As usual, the PS will be accorded natural justice process as we pursue the disciplinary process,” he said.

PS Sisiolo said the incumbent of the office of the provincial secretary is an extremely important public office because it administers service delivery that affects the affairs of the rural people.

“Therefore any decision that will affect the said office expected HR capacity is accorded thorough thinking,” he said.

A statement from the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening (MPGIS) yesterday stated that the Provincial Secretary for Malaita Province is suspended based on allegations raised by former disgruntled Malaita workers.

“Based on documents submitted, the Ministry of Public Service (MPS) perused those matters reported by former employees. Based on the allegations, the MPS carried out a preliminary investigation and decided to suspend the Public Officer to give way for a full investigation.

“These cases were brought forward by concerned and aggrieved citizens and not in any way reflect any attempts by the MPGIS or the Solomon Islands Government to tarnish either the PS or the Malaita Provincial Government,” the statement said.



NHA approves $34 million to purchase for sports house in Honiara


THE National Hosting Authority (NHA) Board has given its stamp of approval to acquire property in Ranadi, East Honiara, owned by Chengs Hardware and Construction Limited, for the sum of $34 million.

The move follows public concerns and discussions surrounding the sale of this property.

Christian Nieng, the Executive Director of NHA, confirmed this development in an exclusive interview with Island Sun.

He explained that the primary purpose behind this acquisition is to transform the property into a state-of-the-art Sports House, aimed at accommodating all National Sports Federations within the country.

The decision to sell the property was made by Chengs Hardware and Construction Limited due to an outstanding bank loan, which prompted the sale.

The initial valuation of the property, inclusive of additional space, was set at $42 million.

However, after negotiations involving NHA Chairman Dr. Jimmy Rodgers, Director of Project Management Unit (PMU) Leeroy Bird, the Attorney General, and Nieng himself, the owner of Chengs agreed to reduce the price to $38 million.

Unexpectedly, the owner of Chengs had a change of heart and sought to increase the property’s value to over $40 million.

In response, Dr. Rodgers issued an ultimatum, firmly stating that NHA would proceed with a payment of $34 million, considering the owner’s latest decision.

Ultimately, the owner of Chengs Hardware and Construction Limited accepted the $34 million valuation, bringing the transaction to a close.

Nieng shed light on the source of the $34 million, indicating that it originated from a $58 million contribution received from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the Pacific Games.

He expressed satisfaction that all aspects of planning were proceeding smoothly to deliver a successful event.

“In addition to this acquisition, we have successfully secured funding for various sports facilities, including athlete training centers, community fields, and the Solomon Islands National Institute of Sports, which has now become one of the premier high-performance training facilities outside of Australia,” Nieng commented, highlighting the positive developments in preparations for the Pacific Games.

The acquisition of the Chengs Hardware and Construction Limited property represents a significant step forward in providing world-class facilities for sports and athletes in the Solomon Islands, further enhancing the country’s sports infrastructure.

Warrant of arrest issued upon man who arrested for multiple charges



Man who arrested for multiple charges did not attend his court hearing yesterday at the Central Magistrate Court

Defendant John Suilua was charged for one count of Criminal Trespass, one count of Intimidation and Molestation and lastly, one count of Assault Causing Actual Bodily Harm.

Police prosecution told the court, she called the defendant name before going into the court room however, no one around the court premises present with the said name. Thus, prosecution told the court that the defendant is aware of the date to attend to court as instructed in his police bail condition but did not turn up to court. Hence, prosecution seeks warrant of arrest and court issued a warrant of arrest to be executed upon the defendant.

According to prosecution, defendant reside in Tetere, East Guadalcanal and the offence committed by the defendant was quiet serious thus, Magistrate Emily Z Vagibule Pakoa instructs the police to executed the warrant of arrest as soon as possible.

Court adjourned to October 27, 2023 for review of warrant.

Police alleged that defendant Suilua on June 20, 2023 at Veramataga Village, did enter into property namely a dwelling house in the possession of the victim with intent to intimidate the said person lawfully in possession of the said property.

Again on June 20, 2023 at same location Suilua did intimidate the victim.

Lastly, defendant on the same date and location Suilua did unlawfully assault the victim thereby occasioning the said person actual bodily harm.

Police prosecution department appears for the Crown.

International Children’s Day celebrated

HIP Students showcasing their Traditional attires.


CHILDREN from schools and communities around Honiara gathered at the Multi-purpose Hall, Lawson Tama to mark the International Children’s Day yesterday under the theme “Safe Environment, Happy Children, Bright Future”

The focus of the event was on improving children well-being, promoting and celebrating children’s rights and promote togetherness and awareness among children.

In his key note address, Permanent Secretary for the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs (MWYCFA), Dr. Cedrick Alependava said it is vital to protect our children as they are vulnerable at a young age.

“It is important that we strive to provide safe and supportive environments for them in the early years of life to grow perfectly into adulthood” Dr. Alependava said.

He continued “This should be a priority in the family context, in early childhood care and education, and in our community as a whole. A safe and supportive environment is a setting in which all children can feel socially, emotionally, spiritually and physically safe and feel that they are valued, and that would make them happy. These are essential elements that will boost them to be happy and their future would be a bright one, as well as full of excitement” Dr. Alependava added.

Dr. Alependava also thanked various government ministries, churches and stakeholders for the support they have invested towards providing education, and creating a safe and good environment for our children to learn.

A student from Honiara Integrated Community High School, Kaylah Leafasia said children despite not fully understanding progress done at the highest level, they are the ones experiencing the reality.

“The truth is we children do not understand policies and strategies, we do not understand the big, hard words and the many pages. All we know is the reality that we are living, the experiences we are feeling, the support and services available to us and who made us feel protected, important and wanted” Miss Leafasia said.

She said children want more support from the government and stakeholders to continue to protect and support them in education and health so that they could have a better future.

The event continued with entertainments, fun filled activities such as face painting, drawing and many more provided by various stakeholders.

More than five schools participated in this year’s event including students from the Special Development Centre (SDC), a school for children with special needs operated by the Solomon Islands Red Cross.

The day is initially celebrated on the 20th of November annually however MWYCFA and other stakeholders held the event yesterday as the initial day coincides with the Pacific Games and schools are already closed down.

Premier Veo’s trip to China disturbs budget meeting

Billy Veo Premier for Western Province.

Premier Veo’s trip to China disturbs budget meeting

THE Solomon Islands Government in-partnership with the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China (PRC) in Honiara, Solomon Islands is arranging a 2-week trip for all Provincial Premiers to Mainland China. The delegation is expected to leave Honiara on Sunday, 15 October 2023.

The Non-Executive Members of the Western Provincial Assembly have more reasons to question the benefits of the China Trip by the Western Provincial Premier.

The reasons are:

  1. Western Provincial (Full) Assembly is scheduled to meet, debate and approve the Revised Budget Estimate 2023/2024 from 23 – 26 October 2023.  Undesirably, the Meeting of the Full Assembly is disrupted with changes to the Planning & Revised Budget Guideline for Financial Year 2023/2024.
  2. Except for Western and Choiseul Provinces, the 7-provinces of Guadalcanal, Malaita, Isabel, Central Islands, Rennel Bellona, Makira and Temotu will synchronize their Provincial Elections with the National General Elections 2024. There is no guarantee, therefore, that the 7-Premiers will return to power – let alone the comeback of their Provincial Executive Committees.
  3. Needless to say that the 9-Provincial Premiers of Solomon Islands can sensibly take the China Trip in fulfillment of the ‘friend to all, enemy to none’ foreign policy, after the Synchronized Elections of 2024 and not before the elections.

What then, is the benefit of the China Visit to Western Province during this time of the year? The gain is very minimal, which is worsened by the fact that the China Visit by the Provincial Premier is disrupting the Provincial Budget Meeting that is scheduled for October.

What then, is loss to the peoples of Western Province due to the disrupted Provincial Budget Meeting to review the Revised Budget Estimate 2023/2024? The loss is plentiful, including (1). Wasted year for implementation of Ward Development Committee projects, (2). Incomplete Ward Profiling and Participatory Planning processes in most of the 26 Wards, (3). Total mess in the appointment of Ward Development Committees, and on top of all chaos is the (4). Non delivery of services to the people of Western Province.

In arranging the trip prior to the synchronized elections, is the PRC not meddling in the domestic and provincial politics of Solomon Islands?

Or does the PRC want to retain the rule of provincial governance with the return of the Provincial Premiers and their respective Provincial Executive Committees, come the harmonization of elections in April 2024? For according to the Non-Executive Members, it is nonsensical to link the China Trip to the Provincial Premiers political comebacks.

To add salt to the wound, is the involvement of the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet in the arrangement of the China Trip. Is it necessary? Is this not consistent with the refusal of our Prime Minister to attend the Historic Summit in White House with the President of the United States of America?

Or is the China Trip a good gesture to the Peoples of Solomon Islands in exchange for Solomon Islands Prime Minister’s close alignment with Beijing? A good gesture that can add to the propaganda of (1). Training our athletes for Pacific Games 2023, (2). Courtesy of Solomon Islands Government Ministerial Delegations to visit China, on several occasions, and (3). Courtesy of Solomon Islands Government Officials training in China.

The Non-Executive Members of the Western Provincial Assembly is critical not only on the timing of the China Trip but also on all circumstances and surroundings that lead to the Mainland China Trip by the Provincial Premiers.

As far as the Non-Executive Members are concerned, the immediate priority of Western Provincial Government is not for Premier Billy Veo to participate in the ill-timed China Trip but on delivery of services to our peoples by the immediate passing of the Revised Budget 2023/2024.

For the disruption of scheduled meetings of the Western Provincial (Full) Assembly is denying service delivery to our peoples.



Prime Minister Sogavare

Sogavare explains his non-attendance at the PIF leaders meeting with US President


PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare has clarified why he is unable to attend the Pacific Leaders’ Summit between the United States and Pacific Island nations.

He indicated that he had pressing national priorities to address in the Solomon Islands and, therefore Minister of the Foreign Affairs is in Washington at that meeting with the US President,

“We are still represented at that meeting”, Sogavare said

During a press conference held upon his arrival at the International Airport yesterday afternoon, Prime Minister Sogavare cited the time-sensitive nature of the situation, noting that Parliament had only 10 weeks left to deliberate on crucial legislative bills. As the leader of the Solomon Islands, he emphasized the need to prioritize domestic matters over international meetings.

“I have previously attended such meetings last year, and unfortunately, we did not witness any tangible outcomes. I am not inclined to participate merely to be lectured,” stated Sogavare firmly.

He urged the international community to reevaluate their approach in dealing with Pacific leaders and suggested that a change in strategy was necessary.

Sogavare further highlighted a disparity in how these meetings were structured, expressing dissatisfaction with the limited three-minute speaking slots provided to leaders.

He noted that the bulk of the meetings was often dominated by lengthy lectures from them, He referenced last year’s promise of $800 billion dollars, which had yet to materialize, as an example of the lack of follow-through on commitments.

“It’s essential to acknowledge the distinct treatment accorded to leaders by various countries. When I engage with nations like Australia, Korea, and China, they allocate an hour for bilateral discussions and treat us with the respect deserving of leaders,” stated Sogavare.

He emphasized that Pacific leaders should not be subjected to condescending lectures akin to a classroom setting.

Recently, the United States expressed disappointment over Prime Minister Sogavare’s decision to abstain from the special PIF Summit.


Top of Form

MPG to host IPSAS in Auki




MALAITA provincial government will be hosting the International Public Standard Accounting System (IPSAS) training in Auki from 2nd – 13th October.

The training will be supported by national government and attend by reps from nine provincial governments in the country.

In a brief statement from MPG, the training aims at capacitating participants on IPSAS – a system in which the national government has been using in managing public funds.

They said the mission of the training is for the participants to learn and understand IPSAS and apply the system in managing public funds in the provincial level.

MPG said this is so that a similar system is use by both the national and provincial governments in managing public fund.

They said the benefit of IPSAS is that it’s easy to monitor and produce financial report on the disbursement of government fund.

MPG is happy and acknowledged national government and other stakeholders for supporting the capacity training.

They said the training will improve performances of provincial governments to be on the same note with national government on management of fund.

MPG said monitoring of public funds is a challenge responsible office within provincial governments have been facing on how to do proper financial recording or report.

They said the training will be a milestone and Malaita province together with other provincial governments are looking forward to it.

Also, MPG uttered its gratitude to host provincial reps to Auki for the training.

SI hosts 4th annual MIOP regional workshop on personal excellence

PNG High Commissioner to Solomon Islands, His Excellency Moses Kaul with members of the Melanesian Institute of Office Professionals (MIOP) currently in Honiara for their 4th Regional Workshop.


SOLOMON Islands played host to the 4th Annual Regional Workshop for the Melanesian Institute of Office Professionals (MIOP) this week, bringing together about 35 women professionals from Papua New Guinea (PNG).

The workshop, held in Honiara, featured the theme ‘Pursuing Personal Excellence.’

Welcoming the participants during a reception on Monday night, PNG’s High Commissioner to Solomon Islands, His Excellency Moses Kaul, emphasized that the workshop’s theme encapsulates the dreams and aspirations of professionals in the office domain to excel in their careers and achieve success.

He stressed that setting and striving toward specific goals and objectives is essential for personal and professional achievement.

His Excellency Kaul also highlighted MIOP’s overarching motto, ‘Bridging Your Career Path,’ commending the institute for its vital role in providing ongoing training and development opportunities and creating career pathways for professionals in PNG and South Pacific countries.

He emphasized the significance of collaboration and networking among office professionals across Melanesia and the broader Pacific region in developing human capital.

“Our people are our greatest assets, and identifying and developing their potential through training is crucial,” Kaul remarked.

MIOP’s core objective is to enhance individual skills and abilities, preparing a more resilient and informed workforce with a vision for their countries and the Pacific region’s shared identity as proud Melanesians.

High Commissioner Kaul issued a challenge to all professionals and career officers to remain dedicated to their duty, as commitment to their profession opens doors to opportunities and career advancement.

Weka Ralph Avosa, the National President of MIOP, expressed hope that one or two Solomon Islanders would participate in their future workshops.

She emphasized MIOP’s goal to connect with like-minded office professionals within the Melanesian Spearhead Group (MSG) countries, including the Solomon Islands, Fiji, and Papua New Guinea, and to extend assistance to overseas participants.

MIOP has a history of successfully organizing annual workshops, with the first held in Fiji in 2018, followed by workshops in Kokopo and Daru, PNG.

The institute boasts over a hundred members, but currently, only 75 are active participants in its activities.

The 4th Annual Regional Workshop for MIOP in the Solomon Islands concluded on Friday, fostering professional development and networking among women professionals from Papua New Guinea and the Melanesian region.

Magistrate hears case of man accused of stealing a mobile phone



MAGISTRATE Emily Z Vagibule Pakoa hears the case involving Jeremy Konofilia a co-accused who charged for wrongful taking someone’s property yesterday at the Central Magistrate court.

The hearing was for the defendant to take his plead however, defendant Konofilia was not present in court thus, his lawyer seeks the court for his client to be excused during the hearing yesterday as his client was a sick patient.

Defence counsel besides told the court that, prosecutions are yet to provide relevant documents between the parties. Court than instructed the police prosecution present yesterday to provide the disclosures to the defence counsel. Thus, disclosures has been served to the defence counsel yesterday in court.

Court summons the defendant to be appeared in court on his next court hearing.

Court adjourned to October 17, 2023 at 9 am for mention.

Police alleged on December 3, 2022 at around 7am complainant and her friend was sitting inside defendant Jeremy’s lodge at White River.

While the complainant and her friend were still at Jeremy’s lodge, he asks the complainant to use her mobile phone, she agrees and gave him her phone.

Later that same day complainant aunty went and asks for the mobile phone. She was informed by the complainant friend who used the said mobile that, the mobile phone was taken by Jeremy the defendant while he was sleeping inside his lodge.

Complainant went and made her complain official at White River Police Station. Police investigated the matter and arrest the defendant on the 9th of December 2022.

On the next day police interviewed defendant Jeremy, he admitted that he took the mobile phone from the complainant friend while he was sleeping inside his lodge and sold it.

The said phone is a Samsung A03 model cost $ 1,500-00.

Police Prosecution appears for the Crown and PSO appears for the defence.

Man charged for domestic violence appears in court



Man arrested for domestic violence appears in court yesterday for mention.

Defendant Ishmael Renton was charged with three counts of Domestic Violence-Psychological Abuse and Economical abuse.

Police prosecution told the court, the case was a fresh matter and defendant presents in court however, he is still without a lawyer to represent him in the court.

Court extended the police bail for the defendant and asks the defendant to seek a lawyer at Public Solicitor Office to represent his matter in court.

Court adjourned to October 17, 2023 at 9 am for mention. Meanwhile prosecution to prepare the disclosures and defendant to confirm to court his lawyer on the next case hearing.

Police alleged on unknown date between the 1st and 31 of August 2022 at Mud Land, Zion Renton did psychologically abused the complainant by doing a conduct that humiliated and insulted the complainant.

Again on unknown date between 1 and 31 of July, 2023 at Mud Land, Zion defendant Renton psychologically abused same complainant by doing a conduct that humiliated him and insulted him whilst holding onto a 24inch bush knife and a steel rod and strike the copper used as fence of their compound.

Later on August 12, 2023 at same location Mud Lack, Zion defendant did economically abused Complainant by damaging his properties that include kitchen, copper, tank and wall of their dwelling house.

Police Prosecution Department appears for the Crown.

Former government employee questions termination amid post-emergency covid-19 Era



A former government employee, compelled to resign due to non-compliance with vaccination requirements, has raised important questions regarding the government’s strategy for those who were released from work.

This inquiry arises in the context of the State of Emergency having concluded, and society adapting to coexisting with COVID-19.

The former employee has observed that neighboring countries in the region have reinstated their workers who faced similar circumstances.

It’s crucial to note that some of the terminated employees held key positions within the government, and there should be a viable pathway to reintegrate them into their previous roles. The treatment they have received appears to overstep upon their rights, and the government should address these concerns, Former government employee stated.

Island Sun reached out to the Ministry of Public Service seeking clarification on this matter but was unable to secure a response.

The “no jab, no job” policy was enforced during the State of Public Emergency, which was declared by the World Health Organization in 2021 at the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

During this period, the government issued directives mandating that all public servants, both at the central and provincial levels, as well as staff members of state-owned enterprises (SOEs) and other government entities and subsidiaries, must receive their initial COVID-19 vaccine dose by August 31, 2021, and their second doses by November 30, 2021.

Public servants were explicitly informed that failing to receive their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine by August 31, 2021, would result in their inability to access their workplace starting from September 1, 2021. Furthermore, any employee who remained unvaccinated by November 30, 2021, would be considered to have voluntarily terminated their employment.

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