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    Honiara City Council Clerk Rence Sore. Photo: Charles Kadamana

    HCC terminates controversial Clerk’s contract


    THE Honiara City Council (HCC) Executive Committee has terminated the contract of Rence Sore as City Clerk.

    Deputy Mayor Francis Idu told Island Sun yesterday the decision was reached on Tuesday, with Mr Sore receiving the termination letter yesterday.

    Sore is being investigated over allegations of corruption. However, Idu said HCC executive were in one-mind to get rid of him.

    Sore did not return phone calls made to him last night for comment.

    Deputy Mayor Idu said the executive is doing what former Mayor, Wilson Mamae hesitated to do.

    “Seven Councillors have decided to terminated Sore after the Councillors Committee members meeting on Tuesday 6th April 2021 held at the HCC Chamber decide to terminate Sore’s contract as the Clerk.”

    Idu said the decision is based on the grounds that there is sufficient evidence to terminate the City Clerk; one of the main reasons is illegal sale of Council land PN. 192010-33.

    “HCC Legal team stressed that any decision to terminate the City Clerk must come with good grounds to avoid any repercussion.”

    Idu said despite this the executive committee favoured terminating the City Clerk with immediate effect.

    “There were two options that were considered, and that is either to suspend the City Clerk and allow for investigations to be carried out or to immediately terminate the Clerk.

    “We the executive committee’s decision now is to terminate the appointment of the City Clerk immediately.

    “During the discussion on the motion put forward to terminate the Clerk, Cr Eddie Siapu stated that it would be in the best interest of the Council and the public to terminate the City Clerk.

    “Most of the councillors who joined the meeting shared the same sentiment that termination of the City Clerk needs to be done immediately to clear way forward for the council.

    “The executive committee resolves to terminate the appointment of the City Clerk with the immediate effect based on reasons stated on April 6, 2021 meeting.”

    Idu said the executive committee resolved to revoke and remove the City Clerk’s signature from the Council’s Bank Account, and resolution was passed by majority.

    Meanwhile, Idu said they have appointed the current Deputy City Clerk to be the acting City Clerk until such time a new Clerk is appointed by the full Council.

    Present at the meeting were Councillors Francis Idu, Dorah Huapii, Robert Oge, Mostyn Saferio, Clement Terewauri, Luciano Sade and Eddie Siapu.

    Ex-officio present were Paul Inifiri, William Floyd and Vincent Kohata.

    Malaita PS challenges Public Service over ‘unlawful’ suspension


    MALAITA Provincial Secretary Fredrick Fa’abasua is challenging his suspension.

    The province said Fa’asubua will initiate legal proceeding unless the Permanent Secretary for Ministry of Public Service, Nego Sisiolo “withdraws the unlawful suspension on him”.

    Premier Daniel Suidani confirmed this in a statement yesterday after PS Sisiolo issued the suspension letter to Fa’abasua last Friday.

    Suidani said Sisiolo accused Fa’abasua of financial allegations that were “untrue, and in the same letter, he ordered the suspension of our PS, effective immediately”.

    “Unfortunately, in doing so, Sisiolo did not follow the process set out in the Public Service Act and its Regulations,” Suidani said.

    “The Public Service Act and its regulations have a specific legal process set out, by which such accusations can be taken up and acted upon,” he added.

    Suidani said this legal process provides the opportunity for natural justice, and this process was not, repeat was not, followed by Sisiolo.

    He said the Public Service Act sets out a process by which any officer alleging misconduct and having supervisory responsibility over the PS must have a report about this accusation filed to the PS of Public Service. 

    The PS of Public Service in turn must give a minimum period of seven days to the officer to respond.

    “None of these steps have happened or if it had happened the PS has not been aware of it, and therefore our PS has decided to put these issues before the Permanent Secretary of Public Service for him to do the right thing by following the clear process that is set down.

    “Soon these matters will be at court but for now I will say the following:

    1. PS Fa’abasua has been an exemplary public officer and a real servant to Malaita people.
    2. His hard work and integrity has led to the repayment of millions of dollars of outstanding debt left by previous provincial executives.
    3. His dedication and faithfulness have seen the charging of fair business licenses on the logging companies ripping our people’s land.
    4. His careful diligence has given pride and hope to the people of Malaita Province.”

    Suidani said it is sad after all this work, two different ministries have tried to remove PS Fa’abasua from serving the people of Malaita Province.

    Last year in December the Ministry of Provincial Government demanded the removal of PS Fa’abasua back to Honiara.

    Suidani said no reason was given in this demand and the PS kept serving the people of Malaita.

    He alleged this current action by Sisiolo from Ministry of Public Service is similarly motivated. 

    “He (Sisiolo) is trying to remove PS from Malaita Province, this time by trying to suspend him without any proper evidence put against the PS and without even complying with his own regulations.

    “I am not sure of the real reason for these constant attacks on PS Fa’abasua, but the timing of this action by Sisiolo will have some severe effects on the people and province of Malaita,” he said.

    Suidani said his Executive is scheduled to meet today Tuesday, March 16, to pass the budget for Malaita Province.

    “If Sisiolo’s action succeeds, then our PS will be suspended when he should be helping the Executive pass this budget. Malaita Province will then have no budget to spend this year and this will have serious impact on the people of Malaita.

    “In light of this seriousness, I appeal to Sisiolo for the withdrawal of the order to immediately suspend PS Fa’abasua. If he has genuine concerns for upholding the rule of law, I invite him to proceed as set out in the Public Service Act,” he said.

    Suidani said the PS of Public Service without any good reason is attempting to discipline the PS of Malaita Province, yet he is allowing a person who has been found to be a foreigner by the High Court of Solomon Islands to continue holding senior sensitive political jobs in the Prime Minister’s Office.

    “That person too has contravened the Electoral Acts of this country yet the leaders of this country including the PS of Public Service are turning a blind eye on that situation. 

    “The PS of Public Service needs to explain that to the people of Malaita.  Why is he tolerating wilful and reckless behaviour by a foreigner and harassing a national without due process?” he asked.

    However, PS Sisiolo said the suspension decision is due to serious allegations around unaccountable sum of government revenue in which the PS is alleged to have directly involved in.

    “As part of protecting the credibility of the service and upholding better governance, my office deemed it is prudent to suspend the officer from duty to allow investigation into the allegations.

    “As usual, the PS will be accorded natural justice process as we pursue the disciplinary process,” he said.

    PS Sisiolo said the incumbent of the office of the provincial secretary is an extremely important public office because it administers service delivery that affects the affairs of the rural people.

    “Therefore any decision that will affect the said office expected HR capacity is accorded thorough thinking,” he said.

    A statement from the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening (MPGIS) yesterday stated that the Provincial Secretary for Malaita Province is suspended based on allegations raised by former disgruntled Malaita workers.

    “Based on documents submitted, the Ministry of Public Service (MPS) perused those matters reported by former employees. Based on the allegations, the MPS carried out a preliminary investigation and decided to suspend the Public Officer to give way for a full investigation.

    “These cases were brought forward by concerned and aggrieved citizens and not in any way reflect any attempts by the MPGIS or the Solomon Islands Government to tarnish either the PS or the Malaita Provincial Government,” the statement said.


    Kava plants on Malaita

    Mala Agriculture office unhappy with gov’t decision on ESP


    THE Malaita Agriculture Office has expressed disappointment in the government’s decision to overlook it in its implementation of the Economic Stimulus Package in the province.

    The Auki Office said issues with identifying and monitoring recipients of the funding could be well managed by their office with the up-to-date data they have on active farmers in their area.

     “I feel that the monitoring and evaluation process of the stimulus package would be a challenge on Malaita,” according to Ledley Diudi, former public servant now contracted with the Provincial agriculture office.

    He said the Auki Office only knew about the application process as it was flooded with people seeking information and submitting their applications.

    “From then on, it was silent, we did not know who got the money and those who do not.

    “The process with the ESP …was from the oversight committee to the farmers,” Mr Diudi adds.

    He said the Agriculture extension office on Malaita and similar offices in other provinces deal directly with farmers.

    “I think the funding component for the productive sector, especially Agriculture could be better dealt with if the agriculture extension office was part of the process.

    “This is to ensure that government has a report on how many farmers benefit from it. So, we can monitor and evaluate the impact of this money,

     “Right now, the team from the oversight committee is doing everything, so the ministry offices within the provinces are left out.

    The views of Mr Diudi are shared by senior Malaita agriculture officer, Patrick Maesuba who agreed such funding should come through the provincial office as they know those who are active farmers.

    He said according to what he has seen, there are over 100 recipients around Malaita province.

    “Whether the money would be used to achieve its intended purpose is to be known as we have been left out in identifying and assisting those who really need the support,” Mr Maesuba told Island Sun.

    Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury and Chairman of the Oversight Committee responsible for implementing the stimulus package, McKinnie Dentana told Island Sun the government had to act fast to implement the ESP as the aim of the program was to ensure the economy did not deteriorate during the time of the pandemic.

    Like governments around the world, the Solomon Islands government injected money in different ways and not all aspects of the program went smoothly.   

    Under the productive and resources sector component of the ESP “the funding was a challenge,” Mr Dentana said.

     “We have to implement it for up to a year as people were applying for their small projects which is challenging and takes a longer period to complete.”

    He said the committee is currently conducting monitoring on Malaita Choiseul, Guadalcanal, Isabel and Central provinces.

     Mr Dentana said reports from the monitoring could be made available by the end of this month or next month.

    Malu’u fisheries project nears completion

    The renovated Malu’u Fisheries Center

    Renovation works on the Malu’u Fisheries Centre in North Malaita is nearing completion.

    This project is jointly implemented by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Labour and Immigration and the Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources under the overall government policy to setup a mini scale commercial fisheries project in the Northern Region of Malaita.

    The renovation component is funded by the Ministry of Commerce while the equipment for the facility will be sourced by the Ministry of Fisheries under a bilateral arrangement with the Overseas Fisheries Cooperation Fund (OFCF) of Japan.

    Deputy Director for Provincial Fisheries Department, Bennie Buga said the equipment will be available around February 2022 and a formal handover to the Malaita Province Fisheries office and a private operator Rif Solomon Pty limited was proposed for the first quarter of 2022.

    The Ministry Of Commerce through the Industrial Development division is currently in consultation with the fisheries office in Malaita province and Rif Solomon Pty Limited on a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and operation of the fisheries centre.

    The Fisheries centre once operational will involve the participation of local fishers to earn income and improve livelihoods for people in the Northern Region of Malaita province.          

    Project Contractor Exodus Trade and Development Ltd has reached 95 percent completion of the renovation works.




    The media announcement by Malaita Premier Daniel Suidani on the USAID SCALE Project for Malaita is incorrect and misleading.

    The National Government clarifies that the announcement downplays the spirit of partnership and commitment by SIG and the Malaita Provincial Government to implement these projects in partnership with the USAID and other development partners.

    This was following a series of meetings held between the National Government, the Malaita Provincial Government (MPG), the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) and other stakeholders in Auki last month.

    The series of meetings included a stakeholder dialogue on the SCALE programme jointly hosted by the Ministry of National Planning and Development Coordination (MNPDC) and USAID and followed by a courtesy call on the Executive members of the Malaita Provincial Government.

    The stakeholder dialogue on the SCALE programme discussed progress in rolling out the SCALE Programme as well as governance and coordination arrangements to ensure effective and efficient delivery of the programme.

    The Auki dialogue was informed that a Draft Implementing Agreement, which the Government is working on with the USAID, is being worked on and will be finalized for Cabinet Approval.

    The dialogue was also informed of the Solomon Islands Aid Management and Development Cooperation Policy and the Partnership Framework for Effective Development Cooperation.

    The Aid Management and Development Cooperation Policy provides guidance on how donors and development partners should engage with government in ensuring effective aid delivery in line with the Paris Principles of Aid Effectiveness and other relevant international and regional frameworks for effective development cooperation.

    The dialogue also acknowledged clarifications made in the meeting, on the funding process, and alignment with Government policies, which will set the course and direction for further follow up meetings and engagements between National Government and Malaita Provincial Government.

    The National Government through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and External Trade (MFAET) confirms that they have not received any formal information on the projects from USAID.

    Furthermore, the National Government through the Ministry of National Planning and Development Coordination (MNPDC) confirms that they are still waiting for USAID to provide information on these projects so that both parties can agree on proper governance structures for SCALE projects.

    The Government further clarifies that the Bonale Pineapple Project was initiated by the Ministry of Commerce, Industries, Labour and Immigration (MCILI) in 2017 and have signed an MOU with Bonale Lands Trust Board and Malaita Provincial Government during Premier Ramohia’s reign.

    This project is ongoing one and is one of DCGA’s flagship projects and currently fully funded by the SIG Development Budget under its Value Adding program. The National Government also clarifies that talks are ongoing with the USAID under the SCALE programme to see where they can assist in the Bonale Pineapple project.

    The other project is the Malu’u Fishery Center which is currently being implemented jointly by the Ministry of Commerce and Ministry of Fisheries with support from the Overseas Fisheries Cooperation Fund (OFCF) of Japan to support rural fisheries and income generation activities in the Northern Region. The Government through these Ministries at this stage is unaware of any interest from the SCALE programme but would welcome any interest in the future.

    The Malaita Outer Island wharf project is still in its early stages which will require feasibility studies before any actual construction can take place. The Government is welcoming development-partner support on this project.

    The Government reminds Provincial Leaders to be mindful when announcing projects by making sure information provided is accurate and not misleading to people.


    Leave no stone unturned

    Policeman stealing $300,000 One Link’s money must follow Dora: TSI

    THE recent conviction and two years sentencing of the founder of the country’s largest Ponzi scheme becomes the case in point for the officer who stole $300,000 under police custody to follow suit.

    While Transparency Solomon Islands (TSI) appreciated the efforts by police to investigate, arrest and charge those who operated the Ponzi scheme known as One Link Pacifica, it equally calls for arrest and charging of the of the suspended police officer(s) alleged to have stolen more than $300,000 belongs to One Link, which went missing last year while kept under police custody.

    Transparency Solomon Islands notes that sentencing of the Managing Director of One Link Pacifica, Mr. Charles Dora to two years imprisonment is vital in the journey for the One Link victims recovery of their stolen money and the missing $300,000 from police custody. Thus, TSI calls for both police and the office of the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) to leave no stone unturned, in order to bring true justice to the victims of the Ponzi scheme. In this case, the police officer suspected for stealing the confiscated One Link money kept under police custody as exhibit must brought before the courts.

    If we are to fight corruption in public institutions and discourage corrupt attitude perpetrated by certain individuals or groups then it has to start with upholding and enforcing our laws the penal code. It is good to learn that police were doing their job to ensure those responsible for the Ponzi scheme are dealt with by the courts. However, the police officer alleged to have stolen the exhibit money must appear before the same court that sent Mr. Dora to serve two years imprisonment.

    Further, the latest update by the Commissioner of Police during one of his press conferences that the report on the missing $300,000 has been complete by police and will be submitted for further assessment is welcoming. But since then, the matter was never updated but we hope things are progressing to reach the court room.

    This case must serve as a reminder and a lesson to others involved in similar schemes depriving ignorant citizens of their hard-earned money. Solomon Islands has been a haven for Ponzi schemes, one such was the Charity scheme whose victims are still waiting and hoping to recover the money they lost. This case must serve as a lesson and a reminder to those who may want to operate other so-called banking or money schemes in the country to adhere to the laws of this country like the Financial Institution Act (FIA). It also served as a strong warning to scammers or bogus agents who are scamming people for money by means of collecting cash deposits or valuable assets from clients.

    Lastly, discipline within the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) has been on the public radar in the previous months, which many citizens express their disappointment with the work of the RSIPF. But thanks to the hardworking Commissioner of Police, who strive to bring back confidence and public trust in the work of the RSIPF, by ensuring there is strong discipline in the work of the force. We must continue support our Commissioner of Police and the hard-working officers who ensure the reputation and image of the RSIPF is not tarnished by the actions of one or two officers. TSI commends the Commissioner of Police for ensuring that investigation into this matter is now complete and calls on the Commissioner of Police to take this matter further and charge the officer(s) responsible for the missing One Link $300,000. The RSIPF is responsible for the maintenance and enforcement of law and order including detection of crimes and apprehension of offenders. This case of the stolen money from within what is supposed to be a safe and secured place is truly concerning and brings disrepute to the RSIPF. 

    Transparency Solomon Islands in its continuous advocacy against corruption, mal-administration and high prevalence of corrupt practices strive to ensure a clean government operated on the principles and values of democracy. It must be noted that TSI is part of the global campaign to minimize corruption across the globe and ensure citizens are aware of their democratic rights and can exercise their rights when necessary. Corruption is everybody’s business and we must together work hand in hand to fight and eliminate corruption in Solomon Islands.

    Tetupa primary school to benefit from WASH facility.

    Students of Tetupa standing infront of their WASH facility


    AROUND 230 students from Tetupa Primary will benefit from a WASH facility funded by the New Zealand Government through UNICEF and implemented by the World Vision Solomon Islands.

    Speaking during the handing over ceremony yesterday, Country Director Jimmy Nadapdap thanked UNICEF for the support given to World Vision Solomon through the the Solomon Islands Better Learning Environment-WASH in Schools Project (SIBLE.

    He said World Vision as a child focused organization is always grateful for working with schools and communities because through their work, children are benefiting.

    “I wish to highlight that the SIBLE Project key activity includes the construction of student friendly WASH facility and Teachers WASH facility.

    “I believe the facilities handed over today, especially the students’ WASH facility and that of teachers address the issues the school has experienced in the past.

    WASH specialist Abigail Tevera of UNICEF with Jimmy Nadapdap of World Vision SI, with World Vision team and school representative

    “As we are aware, most schools in the country do not have proper WASH facilities, Tetupa you are lucky and today you are one step ahead of these schools. Congratulations to Tetupa”, Mr Nadapdap said.

    He also said the facilities are a timely gift to Tetupa as the whole world is grappling with the deadly virus-COVID 19, and hand washing or proper hygiene practices are measures apart from the vaccine.

    “I believe Tetupa is ready in its preparedness and I encourage students to practice the hygiene knowledge that you also learnt from the project.

    “In addition, I wish to encourage teachers and the surrounding communities to also take COVID 19 vaccine as that is the only solution for us to go back to our normal life.

    Meanwhile, Chairman of Tetupa Primary Bartholomew Vavanga thanked the stakeholders for their support and said it is a milestone for the school.

    He said the school has been struggling in terms of development but such support has lifted the face of the school where children will and enjoy the health benefits of the facility.

    UNICEF WASH specialist Abigail Tevera also reminded students and teachers to take ownership and maintain the facilities.

    She said Tetupa is one of the schools that benefit from such projects.

    She said that water sanitation and hygiene in schools are an important pre-requisite for ensuring the right to basic education.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has reaffirmed the criticality of the WASH facilities for handwashing, as one of the most cost-effective and relevant strategy to contain the spread of the contamination risks, Ms Tevera said.

    Business Excellence Awards is back for 2021

    The 2021 Business Excellence Awards returns on Saturday 20th November at the Coral Sea Resort and Casino hosted by the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SICCI).

    Solomon Islands’ leading business event, the Business Excellence Awards returns for the 7th time and will take place on Saturday 20th November at the Coral Sea Resort and Casino from 6:00pm.

    The Business Excellence Awards (BEA) was initiated by SICCI with the support of the Solomon Islands Government in 2013 and has since been the premier event for Solomon Islands’ business community attracting increased submissions over the years.

    The BEA offers the chance to reinforce credibility, pursue new ventures, build profiles and unparalleled networking opportunities. Overall, it is an occasion for celebrating success, sharing stories and inspiring others. 

    This year ten (10) businesses and/or individuals will again be honoured at the award ceremony in the following categories:

    •             Small Business of the Year Award

    •             Medium Business of the Year Award

    •             Large Business of the Year Award

    •             YESCI Entrepreneur of the Year Award

    •             Inclusion & Diversity and Local Diversity

    •             Entrepreneur of the Year Award

    •             Agri Business of the Year Award

    •             Contribution to Sustainable Development and Community Award

    •             Innovation & Technology Award

    •             Prime Minister’s Business Excellence Award

    The awards ceremony gives the perfect platform for business owners to take a fresh look at their operation and have it assessed by experts. A new panel of independent experts will again be selected to judge the awards.

    SICCI is pleased to once again be partnering with the Solomon Islands Government to host this event.

    The 2021 BEA will have the theme ‘Challenges to Opportunities in a COVID-19 World’.

    Chair to SICCI Board, Mr Ricky Fuo’o explains the theme:

    “We want to recognise the hard work and effort of local businesses to continue operating despite the situation with the global pandemic. In the midst of this challenge, businesses have shown that they have preserved with opportunities that were also presented.”

    The 2021 Business Excellence Awards will seek out businesses including Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) whose creativity, innovation, capability and strong leadership have helped them achieve success.

    In addition to an engaging award ceremony, you can once again expect an evening with inspiring keynote speeches and exciting performances from our local talent.

    Nominations are now open (as of Wednesday 13 October 2021) and SICCI is calling on all businesses to enter relevant categories and you will be able to compete for up to two awards.

    The Prime Minister’s Business Excellence Award will be the only category your business cannot enter, being a judges’ only decision.

    If you have never taken the opportunity to enter your business in this prestigious awards event previously, this is your chance to be recognised on a national scale.

    To nominate your business or another outstanding business you know of please contact the SICCI office on 39542 and speak with Simaema Neilsen or email [email protected]  

    Applications can also be downloaded from our website www.solomonchamber.com.sb  

    Nominations closes on Friday 29 October, 2021.

    Tickets to the Business Excellence Awards are on sale now on SBD$8000 per table and SBD$800 per person. Ticket sales will close on Friday 5th November, 2021.

    For Media enquiries please contact Philip Lilomo on 39542 or via email at [email protected]  

    -SICCI Media

    Hovi School plans to have Form-6 by 2025

    Gao Bugotu CPO Francis, Hovi Adventist Secondary Principal, Forest, MP Manetoali and MRD Agnes Tanihorara ready to cut the ribbon for the opening of the new classroom.


    HOVI Adventist Secondary and Primary school in Gao Bugotu, Isabel Province aspires to reach Form 6 by 2025.

    This year, Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) run school registered Form one and Form two.

    Principal Gilbert Fores said Hovi Secondary school is likened to a new born baby forced to be born last year and probably because of underweight it had 50/50 chance to survive thus it underwent nursery as it were with basic necessities, which are of course the classroom, the staff house and the resources.

    Students of Hovi Adventist singing the national anthem.

    He said with exception of present dormitories and ablutions, these are not directly funded.

    Further to that, Principal Fores said the school thanked Ministry of Education, SDA education authority and Isabel Province education for their efforts to register Form 1 and Form 2 this year.

    “We are getting on well although still crawling and malnourished with resources, but the young girl is growing and will grow beautifully,” he said.

    “Before you, are our students, they are so important to us, they are what we here for, it is for them that we sacrifice our money, time, skill and possession.”

    MP Manetoali, Agnes Tanihorara, CPO Francis and Principal Fores with the new generator and printing machine.

    A total of 80 students have enrolled, with 44 in Form 1 and 36 in Form 2.

    Principal Fores said it is more than what one stream classroom requires, and let alone one dormitory requires as well.

    “However, that is not their problem, that is our problem and challenge.

    “And requires us to say ‘let’s do something’,” he said.

    Fores said the school wants also to thank the communities, teachers and students for their tremendous support in the development of the school so far and what they see today are the hands of all of them put together.

    Hovi Adventist Principal Gilbert Fores and MP for Gao Bugotu Samuel Manetoali.

    He said the school vision is ‘transforming lives into a new person’.

    The school motto is “Everything with God”.

    Fores said part and partial of their student learning that this school practically uphold are both the academic and discipline, academic, student acquire knowledge.

    “Discipline, shaping student lives to be a better boys and girls, they are left and right hand of true education.

    “So over time we reduce from 80 to 60 serious student who put education a priority,” he said.

    Hovi Adventist Secondary and Primary school opens new classroom.

    The new extension classroom funded under the project.


    Students and staff of Hovi Adventist Secondary and Primary school in Gao Bugotu, Isabel Province have witnessed some tangible development in their small campus.

    This after their Member of Parliament, Samuel Manetoali and some individuals have assisted the school to complete an extension of a class room for form one to form 3, one staff house, one generator and printer and photo copy machine.

    Speaking at the handing over on Wednesday, Principal, Gilbert Fores said “what you see physically as far as school facilities is concern to provide a conducive learning environment for our students are contributions of many heart giving individuals, groups and communities.”

    Hovi Adventist Secondary principal, Gilbert Fores speaking at the ceremony.

    “Today we applaud with thanks to Honourable Manetoali, for his major contribution in donating to the school 90 iron sheets, 8 bags of nails, 6 rolls of sessilation, 6 roll chicken net, cements, that house the classroom of form one to form 3 as well facilitating its timbers for it structure also roof of one staff house, one generator which lighten the classroom especially for their prepertories (study) and one dual purpose machine (printer&photo copy machine for the school),” he said.

    Fores said their priority needs that are lining up are dormitories, school chapel, classroom (Science, Home Economics/Technology) and staff houses.

    Students of Hovi ready to garland the guests.

    Ministry of Rural Development has congratulated the school for its achievement.

    Agnes Bopi. Tanihorara, Principal Rural Development Officer (M&E), said MRD is currently implementing development needs in the rural constituencies, and one of them is education.

    She said MRD is a strong support and advocator of education development in the country.

    Mrs Tanihorara speaking at the handing over ceremony.

    “I analyse data in the Ministry and Gao Bugotu is doing good in implementation of projects.

    “I am happy to witness this development so I can provide factual information to the Ministry,” she said.

    MP Manetoali, who is also the Minister of Ministry of Traditional Governance, Peace and Ecclesiastical Affairs, said the achievement reflects collaboration between the communities, school and him.

    “I provide the materials and the community help to build the classroom and staff house.

    “If we continue to work together, we can move the mountain,” he said.

    The school enrolled a total of 80 students, with 44 in Form 1 and 36 in Form 2.


    Thelma measuring the mils before carrying out an injection. PHOTO BEN BILUA

    Clinician warns public of covid-19 assumptions


    A senior physician at the national referral hospital (NRH) is calling on the public to be aware of false theories and conspiracy messages about covid-19 and its vaccines.

    Dr Jones Ghabu urges people not to listen to these rumours.

    “Please my people don’t listen to theories that are not realities. Don’t listen and believe assumptions,” Ghabu said.

    “Reality shows that covid-19 is real, it kills people and cripples health systems by increasing demand for medicines, oxygen and manpower,” he added.

    “My people we don’t have the capacity to treat and handle an outbreak,” Ghabu said.

    “If there is an out breaking here in the country people will and clinicians will be watching each other dying from covid-19.

    “Doctors from neighbouring Papua New Guinea are experiencing it right now.

    “With that let us continue with our strategies. These include population protection strategies (system approach) and Individual person protection strategies (clinical approach).”

    Ghabu explained systematic approach means maintaining the border and quarantine to stop the virus from entering, Isolation in which to contain and eliminate, and Public health measures like social distancing, hand hygiene and mask.

    He said clinical approach encourages health life style, vaccination, treatment but currently there is no promising treatment for SARS CoV2, but when worst comes to worse as doctors treating sick people, they will never quit the fight by throwing in everything they can in Solomon Islands setting.

    “My message to you is prevention is better than cure. Please adopt healthy life style and o get your vaccine,” he said.

    Police: lack of vehicles affected our work

    Police Response Team (PRT) patrolling the Honiara City road


    THE Royal Solomon Islands Police Force has admitted that lack of vehicle has contributed to their inability to respond and serve daily policing needs to the communities in Guadalcanal.

    RSIPF made the response after the court raised concerns over Henderson Police not performing their responsibilities to serve summons to witnesses.

    Police said that under resourcing frontline Policing is a fact that is beyond the ability of Guadalcanal Police and its Executive to manage. 

    Police said that Guadalcanal Police have submitted to the Royal Solomon Island Police Force (RSIPF) Executive for additional vehicles but were unsuccessful due to lack of funding.

    “The RSIPF Executive has deliberated on the issue and has developed possible options to procure vehicles for the frontline policing but due to the RSIPF Annual Budget constraints and the current Solomon Island Government (SIG) cash flow problem has contributed hugely into not progressing this urgent procurement in a timely manner.”

    Police also said they are working on ‘Vehicle Impact Report’ to the Government to support their argument that they urgently need vehicles for the frontline policing.

    “Therefore, there is no doubt that lack of vehicles at the frontline has contributed hugely into the organisation’s inability to response and serve the daily policing needs of our communities and important stakeholders. 

    “It will be further worsening and has a huge impact into the frontline policing, if the issue of vehicles is not resolved quickly,” police said.  

    Police also clarified that regarding the vehicles at Rove Police Headquarters, most of the existing operational vehicles are old and are listed for SIG sale by tender soon. 

    Chief Justice Sir Albert Palmer commented that the RSIPF must think outside the box when performing their duties because availability of fund will be a problem for the government.

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    Mala Agriculture office unhappy with gov’t decision on ESPBy BRIAN LEZUTUNITHE Malaita Agriculture Office has expressed disappointment in the government’s decision to overlook it...

    Malu’u fisheries project nears completion

    Renovation works on the Malu’u Fisheries Centre in North Malaita is nearing completion.This project is jointly implemented by the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Labour...


    The media announcement by Malaita Premier Daniel Suidani on the USAID SCALE Project for Malaita is incorrect and misleading.The National Government clarifies that the...

    Leave no stone unturned

    Policeman stealing $300,000 One Link’s money must follow Dora: TSITHE recent conviction and two years sentencing of the founder of the country’s largest Ponzi...

    Tetupa primary school to benefit from WASH facility.

    BY JENNIFER KUSAPAAROUND 230 students from Tetupa Primary will benefit from a WASH facility funded by the New Zealand Government through UNICEF and implemented...




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