Police to detain vehicles without plate numbers


DEPUTY Commissioner Juanita Matanga has emphasised that driving vehicles without displaying number plates is illegal, and police will detain such vehicles.

Speaking during the Police Media Conference, Ms Matanga stated that with the Prime Minister’s election approaching, the police will conduct operations targeting vehicles lacking plate numbers.

These vehicles will be detained until their owners bring the necessary plates, at which point they will be released, Matanga said.

Matanga expressed concern over the prevalence of vehicles without number plates, noting that many also have tinted windows, making it difficult to identify the drivers. As a result, police will monitor and detain vehicles without plates until their owners provide proper identification.

Meanwhile, in January of this year, the Commissioner of Inland Revenue reminded all vehicle owners who had previously been issued with authorized temporary vehicle plate numbers to visit IRD cashiers and collect their valid vehicle plate numbers.

The message also stated that to receive the valid plate number, owners must present the authorized temporary plate number (printed on paper) to the Inland Revenue cashiers.

The notice was said to be valid until February 2, 2024, and any vehicle without a valid plate number after that date will be considered illegal.

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