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    AUKI Police have arrested three men related to Tuesday’s motion of no confidence on Malaita’s Premier.

    The three, police say, were involved in unlawful disturbances after the defeated Motion was announced.

    Provincial Police Commander Malaita, Chief Suprintendant Stanley Riolo said the men are supporters of the non-executives.
    Riolo said they have been charged with unlawful disturbance in public.

    Two were released the next day, while the third was remanded further due to previous cases.

    Riolo said he’s a wanted man by police for involvement in arson cases in Fataleka.

    He also confirms that the incident of threat on the two MOI MPAs has been reported to police and that they are investigating it.

    Riolo thanks Auki public for the overall peaceful behaviour during the motion vote.

    “Auki and Malaita province are our home and we have the responsibility to care and look after it.

    “I appealed for similar good behavior all throughout and to maintain law and order in our province to live in peaceful and harmony with each other,” he said.



    For youth business organization- Young Entrepreneurs Council Solomon Islands (YECSI) – it is a tick in the box for them to have the opportunity to do presentation for policy officials in the Office of Prime Minister and Cabinet (OPMC).

    Yesterday (Thursday 15th October) YECSI’s founder and chairlady Millicent Barty and YECSI’ Coordinator Emmanuel Pitakaka had the privilege to do presentation for officials from the Policy Implementation, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (PIMEU) in the OPMC.

    Besides educating the officials about YECSI and its work with youths, Pitakaka also provide details about the local programs the YECSI rolled out to date.

    According to Pitakaka several programs have been rolled out to date by YECSI but one particular program that is on- going is the Enovation blo umi program where 40 young entrepreneurs undergone three phases of online business training.

    Founder and chairlady of YECSI Millicent Barty said one of the underlying aims of the EBI program is that at the end of phase three of the program there is expectancy that few young entrepreneurs will be admitted into the formal business sector.

    She added that by getting into the formal sector, young entrepreneurs will provide more job opportunities for others and they will contribute as well to the national economy.

    Ms Barty said the country has 16,000- 18,000 job seekers every year and of these staggering number only 4,000 jobs are available in the market.

    The YECSI founder and chairlady said YECSI is targeting those that are left- out and jobless, it is about transforming the job seekers into job creators.

    While acknowledging YECSI’s presentation, Deputy Secretary to Prime Minister Dr Derick Mane said YECSI is an example of an organization that work to address issues that directly relating to government policies.

    Dr Mane said YECSI is playing a pivotal complementary role in that it addresses areas where relevant government authorities are not able to address.

    Summing up the meeting, Bernard Bata’anisia, National Consultant in PIMEU speak highly of the meeting saying it is a privilege to have a youth oriented organization that actually do the work on the ground to meet with policy officials in the OPMC and Government.

    Bata’anisia said the connectivity between policy officials and implementers must be harnessed to ensure synergy between policy statements and work on the ground.

    Bata’anisia highlighted that the next steps are to ensure government is able to factor in assistance to Organizations, like YECSI, through the relevant line Ministries.

    • GCU Media Release

    4 SI students in Philippines test positive



    FOUR of our students in the Philippines have tested positive for covid-19.

    They have been taken in by the Philippines Red Cross to be kept in isolation and monitored, prime minister Manasseh Sogavare announced in his special national address yesterday.

    Government does not say whether they are asymptomatic or otherwise.

    One of the four was pregnant during diagnosis and has since delivered her baby. Both mother and infant are in hospital and will be transferred to the Philippines red cross facility to be quarantined, Mr Sogavare said.

    “The other three positive cases are already in Red Cross accommodation to complete their quarantine,” he said.

    Sogavare urges Solomon Islands students in the Philippines who have not yet moved into government-arranged hotel accommodation to do so quickly.

    “You have the next two days to all shift to the hotel.
    “If you do not shift to the hotel, we will assume you are not interested to be considered under the government arranged repatriation programme and that you will look after your own repatriation costs.

    “I implore the parents or guardians of the students who are still living outside of the government arranged hotels in Manila to ask their children to move to the hotels within the next 48 hours.

    “Failure to do this will mean that any student who had not shifted to the government arranged accommodation will be responsible for their own repatriation. Government will only be responsible for those that are in the government arranged accommodation,” he said.

    Photo: WHO website



    Country records another covid-19 positive student in Chengs quarantine centre


    The country has recorded its third case of covid-19.
    The patient, a student in the Philippines repatriation flight, was detected in his third mandatory covid test and like all cases so far, he is asymptomatic.

    He has been transferred to the national referral hospital (NRH) isolation unit, where the first two cases are also be kept.
    It is highly likely that he had contracted the virus here, while in quarantine.

    Government is quick to reassure citizens that covid-19 is being contained within the walls of the Chengs quarantine centre.

    Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare, announcing the third case in his special nationwide address yesterday, said, “Today (yesterday), I again stand here to inform the nation that we now have our third confirmed case of covid-19. He was diagnosed overnight during the routine 3rd test under our testing protocol for all returning nationals.

    “The person is a student that came on the repatriation flight from Philippines. Contact tracing has commenced to establish the possible source of infection.

    “The person has been transferred to the National Referral Hospital Isolation Unit for further observations and management.
    “Like our first two positive cases, this person does not show any signs of illness,” Sogavare said.

    Government, earlier this week, had warned that more cases were likely to occur after an assessment on the Chengs quarantine centre found that the students there had been breaching rules and guidelines by ‘mingling’ and ‘congregating’.

    So, the latest case comes as no surprise, Mr Sogavare said.
    “We are therefore relieved that we only record one additional positive case, because there could have been more. So, we thank our Heavenly father he is still looking after our nation and our students.

    “The results of the upcoming fourth round of testing under our protocol which will take place between days 19 and 21 after arrival in the country which will be between Sunday 18th and Tuesday 20th October, will give as a better indication on status and the likely projection of the Covid-19 infection in the country,” said Sogavare.

    He assures public that the covid-19 outbreak is contained within the Chengs quarantine station.

    “I have been reassured that our students in Chengs quarantine station are now taking their responsibilities seriously. I thank the students for this.

    “Fellow citizens, it is important for the students and the public to know that if we contain and eliminate covid-19 from the Chengs quarantine station, we will assume our covid-19 free status again.

    “So, to all our students, our frontline workers, and all of us, we have a collective responsibility to work together to ensure the covid-19 virus does not go beyond the walls of the quarantine station,” he said.

    Photo: Supplied




    The Solrais Women Premier League will be played at the home of football, Lawson Tama for the first time in the inaugural competition this year on Saturday 17th at 11AM.

    This will be the clash of table leaders, Koloale FC and RSIPF.
    Koloale FC on 21 points will be looking to add 3 points for a tie-on top seat with RSIPF on 24 points in round two.

    It will be a thrilling match is scheduled ahead of two TSL fixtures.

    “Fans who purchase tickets for the match can stay in the stadium to watch the two Telekom S-League fixtures scheduled later in the afternoon,” the Solomon Islands Football Federation media stated.

    This will before TSL match week 11 fixtures;

    FC Isabel United VS Real Kakamora FC – 2PM
    Laugu United FC VS Malaita Kingz FC – 4PM

    “The match will be live stream on the Solomon Islands Football Federation Facebook page,” SIFF statement reads.

    Meanwhile, three more matches will be played on Sunday 18th in the league’s match week 9 at DC Park, Henderson.

    Sunday 18th

    Haura FC VS Frigates United – 12PM
    Marist FC VS Solright FC – 2PM
    Renbell Ibis VS Naha FC – 4PM

    Photo: SIFF Media

    Mini games postponed



    The Pacific Games Council (PGA) has granted the Northern Marianas request to postponed the 2021 Pacific Mini Games to 2022.

    The PGA in a statement said this was at the request of the Northern Mariana Islands Governor Honorable Ralph Torres and the Northern Marianas Sports Association.

    PGC said with the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and the effects of the 2018 Super Typhoon Yutu and after the original dates of June 2021 were effectively rendered impossible by the rescheduling of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

    “In light of containing the COVID-19 situation and in consultation with the 22 member Pacific Games Association, The Pacific Games Council has agreed to the request of the Commonwealth of
    Northern Mariana Islands Governor, The Hon. Ralph Torres, and the host PGA, the Northern Marianas Sports Association, to defer the 11th Pacific Mini Games until 17-25 June 2022,” the statement reads.

    “Earlier this year, the original dates of June 2021 were effectively rendered inoperable by the rescheduling of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games.

    “The PGC then requested that the hosts in the CNMI consider a December 2021 time frame for the Games. However, the schools and associated infrastructure required to accommodate, feed and transport the athletes, will still be required for education purposes at that time, with the CNMI education calendar aligned to that in the U.S

    “The PGC and its membership is therefore proud to support the CNMI in their ambition to host their first ever Pacific Mini Games in June 2022, notwithstanding the many challenges of COVID-19 and 2018’s Super Typhoon Yutu, which have damaged the CNMI economy.

    “President Vidhya Lakhan personally thank Governor Torres for his continued support for the CNMI hosting their first ever Pacific Mini Games in 2022, despite the economic and health challenges posed by the pandemic.

    “He said that the member Pacific Games Associations stand ready to support these Games in 2022 and we all wish the CNMI the best of luck as it deals with the challenges, we are all facing at this time,” the statement adds.

    Meanwhile, Solomon Islands preparations to host the 2023 Pacific Games in Honiara is ongoing. A 17 project team members from China are still in the country to finalize design plans for the seven China funded facilities for the games.

    The design staff are expected to return to China at the end of the month, once their concept designs are completed, and should be able to finalize their work before the end of the year.

    “By the way things are going they should be able to do the design work by December and they’ll go back to China to get the government to tender for construction. So that should give them ample time for them to prepare to come and commence the work on the first of May,”. NHA Christian Neing had said.




    The annual Guadalcanal Cup 2020 is set to kick off from 2nd to 6th November, at a venue that is yet to be confirmed.

    Guadalcanal Football Association (GFA) General Secretary, Joshua Kera confirmed this to SunSPORTS yesterday.

    Registration fee for the Guadalcanal Cup competition is $2000. Registration of teams opens on Thursday 15th October 2020 and closes on Friday 23rd October 2020.

    “The Guadalcanal Cup 2020 organizing committee would like to notify all constituencies in Guadalcanal Province that the confirm date for Guadalcanal Cup is 2nd to 6th November 2020,” he said.

    While a venue is yet to be confirmed for the competition GFA is calling on all participating team constituencies to attend a meeting next week.

    “All Team Managers/CDO/CPO/delegate for the 8 Constituencies on Guadalcanal Province are asked to attend a very important meeting on Monday 19th October 2020 at the Guadalcanal Provincial Headquarter Conference Room, Ritalevan Building, Kukum.

    “The meeting will start at 11am. Key information regarding the Guadalcanal Cup Tournament will be shared during the meeting,” the GS stated.

    Meanwhile, the G Cup 2020 organizing committee encourages all teams (GP constituencies) to consult GP Sports Coordinator-Francis Loxie and Guadalcanal Football Association (GFA) General Secretary -Joshua Kera and Youth Development Officer Joachim Rande should you need any information regarding the Guadalcanal Cup competition.

    19 FOR LEA’I


    By Taromane Martin

    Eighteen-year-old, Raphael Lea’i will finish round one of the 2020-2021 season of the Telekom Soccer League with 19 goals, after helping Henderson Eels FC beat Real Kakamora FC yesterday.

    Lea’i who was last season’s TSL golden boot winner looks set to win his second award this season as the TSL heads for a break, before round two kicks off.

    Despite a goal less first half, Eels managed four second half goals to secure all three points against Real Kakamora FC at the Lawson Tama Stadium.

    Lea’i was instrumental for the Eddie Marahare Eels coached side, providing three assists before adding Eels fourth goal of the day in the 74th minute, before being subbed off.

    Eels team mate Joses Nawo also extended his goals tally yesterday, collecting two more goals during that4-0 win over Real Kakamora FC.

    Nawo scored his first in the 46th minute before adding a second in the 55th minute thanks to spot on assists by Lea’i.

    The football prodigy was again instrumental for Eels third, teeing up second half substitute Augustine Waita in the 58th minute before wrapping up in the 74th minute with his 19th goal of the season.

    Those two goals see Nawo trailing his team mate by a goal difference, as Henderson Eels FC wraps up their campaign for round one of the 2020-2021 seasons of the TSL.

    Meanwhile, final round of matches for round one of the TSL will take place this weekend. Matches for Saturday will see FC Isabel United taking on Real Kakamora FC at 2pm followed by Laugu United FC taking on Malaita Kingz FC at 4pm.

    Matches continue on Sunday with Central Coast FC taking on KOSSA FC at 2pm while Southerns United FC takes on Marist FC at 4pm.

    Round one of the TSL concludes Wednesday next week with

    Solomon Warriors FC taking on Honiara City FC following their shocking 1-0 loss to Southerns United over the weekend.




    Henderson Eels FC will finish round one the 2020-2021 Telekom Soccer League (TSL) seasons in first position after picking up a ninth win in the competition.

    Eels picked apart Real Kakamora FC for a 4-0 win in the second half of their week 10 mid-week clash yesterday at the Lawson Tama, to see them extend their lead to competition table with 27 points.

    Joses Nawo gave Eels the lead in the 46th minute, courtesy of a Raphael Lea’i assist, with his head, before doubling the lead in the 55th minute from a 20-yard free kick, after Lea’i was sliced down recklessly by Kakamora defenders.

    Real Kakamora tried to repair their attack after those two goals, but with youngster Chris Hatarau missing out yesterday, Adrian Mara had a hard time going forward.

    Second half substitute Augustine Waita added Eels third goal of the day in the 58th minute after being teed up nicely by Raphael’s lay back.

    With three assists to his name, there was no denying the 18-year-old Lea’i from adding his name to the score sheets.

    Lea’i grabbed his 19th goal for round one of the TSL in the 74th minute, after being manhandled by Real Kakamora’s team captain Richard Raramo in the 73rd minute.

    Eels Head Coach Eddie Marahare said he was pleased his side managed to achieve their aim and earn maximum points, saying this is history for the club since joining them from KOSSA FC.

    “The points we have now for us is history especially for the past two seasons I’ve been with the club,” he said.

    “We finish this round with only one loss and percentage wise its ninety-percent which is a big bonus for the team.

    “I’m sure that kind of result gives a very positive impact not only to the management but also for the players.

    “It shows what we work on as a team is working out. So hopefully if we continue intensity in training and do some more things, I’m sure players will pick things out.

    “I think for round two we will make one or two changes to the squad. At this stage I won’t be naming players but we are looking at changing one or two new players,” Marahare said.

    WorldFish celebrates rural womens’ participation in fisheries


    Thursday 15 October, 2020: WorldFish celebrated the International Day of Rural Women in Western Province by bringing together women’s leaders to discuss their role in fisheries.

    While rural women catch 50% of all fish eaten in households in Solomon Islands, they are the minority of leaders in community, provincial and national organisations responsible for fisheries management and development. In community-based fisheries management, 68% of the local fisheries committees are dominated by men.

    At Gizo, representatives of women vendors, community based fisheries management committees, the Australian High Commission, provincial government and the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs came together to discuss the current situation and their vision for women in fisheries. Panel discussants also shared difficulties and changes caused by the COVID19 situation in 2020, and ways forward for women in fisheries.

    A short film and a factsheet viewable on https://www.worldfishcenter.org?country-pages/solomon-islands was also prepared to help profile the role women play in fisheries and the need for more inclusion of women in decision-making.

    Activities were conducted as part of the Enhancing Livelihoods Project funded by SwedBio and the Pathways for change in CBRM project funded by the Australian Government through ACIAR.
    Lisi Wong, Womens Division, Western Province, said:

    “IDRW Rural women have a huge contribution to our society, communities and families and this day celebrates and reinforces achievements of rural women. It’s good to see that rural women and other sectors too like fisheries and WorldFish recognizes this day, agricultural sector, recognizes this day, as many women are crucial to these sectors. The Division has a submission to the Executive for gender mainstreaming and women in agriculture, fisheries, economic empowerment is part of this, we have to address gender mainstreaming in every sector.”
    Margaret Batalofo, WorldFish, Auki Office said:

    “WorldFish and WARA has done research on livelihoods and innovation in West Are Are. We found that while marketing is the major activity, but lack of cash flow was a major challenge, another one is transport, there is no road network and the cost of boats and it makes carrying of goods and then competition of vendors selling the same things at the same time. However, WARA had led to changes in their lives, increased knowledge and power to make decisions about income.”

    Vido Nao, Treasurer of Santupaele CBFM Committee and women’s leader said:

    “We conserve our reef and fishery. Through our conservation efforts, WorldFish came down and built a Fish Aggregating Device (FAD). The benefits we have taken from the FAD and the conservation benefits are protein and food for children and families. It has contributed to development of us, we need to develop every day and every time, through development we can also provide income to our families and women in fisheries. It exposed us to changes, and before we did not hold leadership and membership roles in our community and now we do.”

    -World Fish Media Release

    Photo Caption: Group photo with Western Provincial Minister for Fisheries Hon. Alesina Redfern




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