Lobbying intensifying in Auki as two camps vie govt


LOBBYING is intensifying between two political camps in Auki vying to form the next provincial government of Malaita come May 6.

One is led by MPA for ward 5, the outspoken former premier, Daniel Suidani and the other by MPA for ward 14 David Solo Baerara.

Suidani’s camp is made up of re-elected MPAs who had served under the MARA regime and new ones aligned with CARE, UP and U4C political parties.

Suidani’s camp at AM Motel yesterday had 18, but they claim 24 out of the 33 seats six other MPAs are yet to arrive in Auki.

MPAs in Suidani’s camp are from all regions of Malaita province.

Additions were made yesterday – Henry Maenu for ward 12 of Lau/Mbaelelea and David Rae Suta for ward 25 of West Are Are – joined the camp.

They are still waiting for the remaining MPAs to join the camp ahead of the proposed date for the election of premier on May 6.

Meanwhile, Baerara’s camp is also claiming majority of the house with a total of 19, relayed to SunAuki in an interview yesterday.

Baerara, who is said to be at his home village in East Fataleka in a conversation yesterday said his camp is confident to form the next government.

His camp will be made up of re-elected MPAs under the former Premier Fini government as well new MPAs.  

“At the moment we have 19 MPAs in our camp,” he said.

Their camp location in Auki is unknown, but MPAs under Suidani’s camp who have been approached by Baerara’s camp say there are two – one in Auki, one in Honiara.

The one in Honiara is to trap three MPAs from MOI upon their arrival in Honiara before joining their camp in Auki.

Baerara did not mention MPAs in his camp, but it will likely include; Randol Sifoni, Elijah Asilaua, William Ionga and others who had served under Fini’s government.

Suidani’s camp has some senior provincial politicians like; Glen Waneta, Mike Selaga, Peter Taraumae.

May 6 is set for a budget session or a full assembly meeting that will include election of the new government of Malaita province.

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