Police to decide whether to extend or lift liquor ban


THE two-week liquor ban has had a direct impact on businesses operating bottle shops and bars.

Deputy Commissioner Juanita Matanga acknowledges the loss of business, but emphasizes the importance of security considerations from the police perspective.

She highlights that this year’s joint elections remained peaceful and one of the positive impact is the implementation of the liquor ban, which prevent the expression of excitement and grievances that could lead to some issues. Moreover, excessive alcohol consumption poses safety risks.

As a result, the decision was made to close establishments such as bottle shops, bars, and nightclubs, which are known to potentially incite trouble. However, hotels, being a different category, are permitted to continue selling alcohol.

Matanga said the rationale behind this measure is to mitigate potential disruptions during elections that may arise from heightened alcohol consumption, leading to disturbances.

She said leading up to the formation of the Government authorities are not taking this decision lightly and will monitor the situation closely, and is prepared to make necessary decision whether to extend the liquor ban or allow the lift that is due today.

Police are committed to improving the situation for everyone, through collaborative efforts with the public and leaders to ensures safety and contentment for all.

The order, was effective from April 16 to April 26, mandates the closure of all licensed premises, bars (including nightclubs and bottle shops) in Solomon Islands, with the exception of licensed premises or bars within hotels or restaurants, which may serve liquor to bona fide guests.

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