Heritage Park Hotel current hotspot

GDL: ‘We are consulting”


SOLOMON Islands Party for Rural Advancement (SIPRA) Parliamentary wing leader and Member of Parliament (MP) elect for Central Honiara, Gordon Darcy Lilo says their grouping is currently in consultation with all parties at this point.

According to Solomon Star’s front-page article yesterday, Lilo made a proposal to the Coalition for Accountability Reform and Empowerment (CARE) to rally up numerical support from the Solomon Islands United Party (UP) with specific terms and conditions.

The article further added that should CARE agree to the idea of SIUP joining forces, that Lilo be given the portfolio of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance and Treasury (MFAT).

The front-page further alluded that this proposal was outrightly rejected by MP elect for Aoke-Langalanga Mathew Wale (CARE), causing a ripple in the coalition’s balance of ideological support.

When queried exclusively yesterday by Island Sun regarding the issue, Lilo diplomatically responded saying “I do not understand where this came from, but we are consulting with other parties.”

The CARE coalition consists of members from the Democratic Alliance Party (DAP), Solomon Islands Democratic Party and UMI for Change Party and consists of a steady 13 members.

Lobbying is currently at an early stage as of yet, and is expected to gain more momentum next week and onwards.

At this point the chances of having two former Prime Minister’s namely Gordon Darcy Lilo (SIPRA) and Rick Houenipwela (CARE) in consultation of coming up to a consensus could be an advantage for the number game if the current ripple alluded is mended.

There is currently no confirmation that Solomon Islands United Party (SIUP) leader, Peter Kenilorea Jr. or SIPRA Wing leader Gordon Darcy Lilo’s  interest in the claims to propose merging with CARE for desired portfolios as both have confirmed to only be in consultation to seek change and like-minded groups.

Heritage Park Hotel is currently a frequently visited hotspot for consultations and the vicinity is expected to see a handful of Independent MPs in the coming days until the Ownership Unity and Responsibility (OUR) Party members commence consultations once most MPs have returned and settled back in Honiara to then show an evident move of numbers between camps.

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