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Solomon Islands
Wednesday, September 22, 2021

    SDA youth-Pathfinder mission brings unity to Ngella community

    By Mikemachris Bentley A weekend excursion by young people from the Lau valley SDA church has helped heal a long-standing division within a village on Ngella, Central Islands Province. On Thursday, the Youth and Pathfinder missions...

    Central gov’t remains strong: Manetiva

    BY ALFRED PAGEPITU CENTRAL Islands Premier Stanley Manetiva says his government remains “strong and solid rock”. He said this after winning last week’s motion of no-confidence by an overwhelming majority vote of nine against four. Manetiva told...

    Premiers beat motions

    BY ALFRED PAGEPITU TWO premiers defeated motions of no confidence against them yesterday. Central province premier, Stanley Manetiva, famous for his strong stand against logging in the province, won by an overwhelming majority vote of nine...

    Motion of no Confidence against Manetiva today

    BY ALFRED PAGEPITU No confidence motion against Premiere Stanley Menetiva will be decided at the Assembly Chamber in Tulagi today. This comes after the Speaker of the Central Islands Provincial Assembly, Francis Moah rescheduled the date...

    3rd anti-logging premier faces motion

    BY ALFRED PAGEPITU A month after announcing his intentions of banning logging in the Central Province, Provincial premier, Stanley Manetiva is staring down the face of a motion of no confidence against his government. This was...

    Food supplies under threat as new weather patterns sweep Solomon Islands

    By Ben Bilua, Mavis Nishimura Podokolo and Jennifer Kusapa From King tides swamping villages to crop confusion leaving families hungry, changing weather and climate patterns due to climate change have spawned a new era across...

    Manetiva clarifies ‘questionable payments’

    BY ALFRED PAGEPITU THE Premier of Central province has clarified accusations of possible conflict of interest under his leadership in regards to payments being made to fuel depots owned by provincial workers.  The accusations against the...

    Only ‘licence fee’ should be paid to CIP: RIPEL

    BY BARNABAS MANEBONA RUSSELL Islands Plantation Estates Ltd (RIPEL) put down concern that they are operating ‘illegal’ in Central Islands Province (CIP). On earlier media issue that the CIP Provincial Government and Administration deemed RIPEL operating...

    RIPEL operating illegal in CIP: Premier Manetiva

    BY BARNABAS MANEBONA CENTRAL Islands Province (CIP) Provincial Government and Administration deem RUSSELL Islands Plantation Estates Ltd (RIPEL) operating in the province as ‘illegal’. Premier Hon Stanley Manetiva said RIPEL fails to pay its Business License...

    Now is the proper time for repatriation: Manetiva

    BY BARNABAS MANEBONA IT is said that now is the proper time for national government to repatriate citizens in Honiara to their provinces having Solomon Islands already registering positive Coronavirus (Covid-19) cases. When Prime Minister Manasseh...