The ‘Look North Policy”


THE government has outlined a fundamental reform agenda aimed at enhancing various sectors. In the foreign policy domain, a selective and strategic approach, notably the “Look North” policy, will be pursued while maintaining ties with traditional partners.

This strategy, according to the current Government for National Unity and Transformation (GNUT), seeks to bolster national security interests while fostering robust engagement with external partners and donors, ensuring alignment with the government’s priorities.

Efforts to strengthen the economic and finance sector will involve the implementation of micro and macro policies to improve economic management. Additionally, the consolidation of project management units and the reduction of costs and wastage across ministries and agencies are prioritized to optimize government finances.

The coordination between key economic policy entities, including the Office of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Ministry of Finance and Treasury, and Central Bank of Solomon Islands, will be enhanced to foster effective policymaking and implementation.

Moreover, support for the judiciary and parliamentary systems will be bolstered, reflecting the government’s commitment to strengthening governance and rule of law.

This includes reviewing existing policies and identifying new priority areas to address emerging challenges and opportunities. By streamlining operations and reducing inefficiencies, the government aims to ensure resources are allocated effectively to drive sustainable development and prosperity.

Overall, the reform agenda underscores the government’s determination to improve governance, economic management, and coordination among key sectors. These initiatives aim to enhance the country’s resilience, promote transparency and accountability, and foster inclusive growth and development for all citizens.

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