Premier Lawrence Hayward unveils ministerial lineup for Isabel Province


In a significant move, newly sworn-in Premier of Isabel Province Lawrence Hayward wasted no time in revealing his ministerial team.

Premier Hayward made the announcement shortly after swearing into office yesterday, outlining the key portfolios and their respective holders.

Eddie Kopala, Speaker of Isabel Provincial Assembly revealed to Island Sun yesterday that Premier Hayward himself assumes the role as Premier and Minister for Administration, Planning, Lands, Environment, and Forestry.

According to Kopala, Deputy Premier Tony Vahia, the MPA for Japuana ward is the Minister for Community Affairs.

The executive lineup are:

  1. Sam Watson – Minister of Finance & Treasury.
  2. Paul Sogedi – Minister of Business & Tourism.
  3. Augustine Hebala – Minister of Education.
  4. Nathaniel Togamae – Minister of Agriculture & Fisheries.
  5. Ian Mason – Minister of Health & Medical Services.
  6. James Leo – Minister of Works, Communication, and Transport.

Meanwhile, the announcement has set the stage for the implementation of Premier Hayward’s vision for Isabel Province, with each minister tasked with specific responsibilities aimed at fostering growth and development across various sectors.

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