Productive sector to be prioritised


The government has unveiled its strategy to strengthen the productive sector by boosting financial and human resources dedicated to supporting key ministries.

This initiative aims to enhance efficiency and drive growth within vital sectors of the economy.

A comprehensive review of existing policies and the prioritization of new areas within sectors such as tourism, agriculture, fisheries, communication, aviation, lands, commerce, industry, and infrastructure are on the agenda. Mechanisms for implementation and coordination will be refined to ensure efficient execution of policies, with adjustments made where necessary to enhance productivity.

Similarly, the Government for National Unity and Transformation (GNUT) priorities state that efforts will be made to strengthen the resource sector by allocating increased resources and prioritizing key areas such as mines, energy, environment, climate change, disaster management, rural development, forestry, and reafforestation.

Mechanisms and coordination within the resource sector and its line ministries will be reviewed and improved to optimize resource utilization and promote sustainable development. Changes and adjustments will be instituted as needed to address challenges and capitalize on opportunities in the resource sector.

In the social sector, there is a commitment to augment resources, both financial and human, to support ministries focused on health, education, provincial government, police, traditional governance, women, youth, family, child affairs, home affairs, and public service.

A thorough review of existing policies and the identification of new priority areas will be conducted to address pressing social issues. Mechanisms and coordination within the social sector and its line ministries will be enhanced to ensure effective service delivery and response to community needs, with adjustments made as required to improve outcomes.

Overall, the government’s strategy aims to bolster the productive, resource, and social sectors through increased investment, policy review, and improved coordination. By addressing key challenges and leveraging opportunities, the government seeks to promote economic growth, environmental sustainability, and social well-being for all citizens.

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