Kwato’o congratulates Asilaua


Philip Kwato’o has congratulated Elijah Asilaua on his successful election as the premier of Malaita province.

Mr Kwato’o, who was Asilaua’s contender in Malaita’s premier election made the acknowledgement after the election results were announced at Malaita provincial chamber in Auki yesterday.

“I would like to congratulate my colleague leader, Hon Asilaua on his victory in today’s election as new premier of Malaita province.

“I also thanked the office of the speaker, clerk, their staffs and staffs of Malaita provincial office for allowing democratic process by successfully conducting the election.

“I agree with the outcome of the election process and as leaders I don’t have grudges to Asilaua or colleague leaders of Malaita following the election.

I acknowledge every one of us and look forward to work closely with our government and Malaita provincial assembly to serve the people of Malaita province,” he said.

Asilaua on that note thanked Hon Kwato’o for his ambition and confidence to contest the post with the aim to lead the people and province of Malaita forward.

“I thank my honourable colleague Philip Kwato’o and the members of the assembly for exercising the spirit of democracy,” he said.

Asilaua also thanked the 33 MPAs of Malaita provincial assembly, former MPAs and premiers for rendering their support to build Malaita province.

He said he looked forward to work closely with all MPAs, the provincial administration, all stakeholders in the province and the people of Malaita to drive the province toward its aspirations.

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