Political camps


THE current lobbying period is building up possible camps of what is known to our country’s political norm to happen now.

Solomon Islands is well known for its unpredictable political nature when it comes to the current lobbying and camping period leading up to the formation of the government of the day.

Over the past, the Ownership, Unity and Responsibility (OUR) Party led by its Parliamentary Wing Leader Manasseh Damukana Sogavare has embedded a streamline of constantly setting up its political camp at Cowboy’s Grill within the Pacific Crown Hotel vicinity.

At present, former Prime Minister and sole current Member of Parliament (MP) elect for Central Honiara Gordon Darcy Lilo, who is the Wing Leader of Solomon Islands Party of Rural Advancement (SIPRA) has set up camp at Honiara Hotel within Chinatown.

The ‘CARE’ coalition which is a make-up of other parties that usually opts for Heritage Park Hotel as its gathering spot in Honiara’s Central Business District (CBD) and the Solomon Islands United Party (SIUP) are also a grouping that may have the possibility to have vision alignments in this convincing period.

Lobbying and camping stages are almost unpredictable as MPs are not legitimately bound to not move freely between camps.

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