‘Newly elected PM commends peaceful democratic process’


IN a historic moment for the nation, the newly elected Prime Minister (PM), Jeremiah Manele took to the podium,addressing the country after being elected by Members of Parliament in a session free from violence or disruption.

Manele, in his inaugural speech, emphasized the importance of upholding the democratic process and fostering a culture of peace and stability in the nation.

The country’s new PM stated that, gone are the days of tumultuous elections marked by acts of violence and destruction, as he thanked the parliamentarians for their confidence in him to lead the country forward.

Acknowledging the scars left by past election-related violence on the economy and livelihoods of the citizens, Manele stressed the need for a new era characterized by respect for the democratic process.

“Our economy and livelihoods have suffered because of this violence,” Prime Minister Manele remarked, alluding to the detrimental impact of political unrest on the nation’s prosperity. “However, today, we show the world that we are better than that.” Manele added.

The newly elected Prime Minister called upon the citizens to embrace a culture of respect for democratic institutions and the peaceful transfer of power, setting a positive example for future generations. “We must respect and uphold the democratic process of electing our Prime Minister,” he urged, “and set an example for our children and their children.” He fuurther stated.

Manele’s ascension to Prime Minister marks a significant milestone in the nation’s journey towards political stability and democratic governance. As he assumes leadership, all eyes are on Manele to deliver on his promise of steering the country towards prosperity while fostering an environment of peace, unity, and progress.

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