PM Manele pays tribute to Guadalcanal


IN a heartfelt address on Thursday, newly elected Prime Minister (PM), Jeremiah Manele extended his gratitude to the people of Guadalcanal for their generosity in hosting the capital city, Honiara, on their land.

Acknowledging the significance of this gesture, Manele emphasized the importance of honoring the past, present, and future traditional landowners of the area.

“I wish to pay tribute to the people of Guadalcanal for graciously giving up their land and allowing us to host our capital, Honiara,” Prime Minister Manele stated, expressing deep appreciation for the hospitality extended to the nation.

He reiterated his commitment to recognizing and respecting the rights of the traditional landowners, highlighting the need for unity and cooperation in fostering a harmonious relationship between the inhabitants of Honiara and the landowners.

Continuing his address, Manele called upon the residents of Honiara to demonstrate the utmost respect towards the landowners, recognizing their role as custodians of the land upon which the city stands. “Honiara has become home to many of us, and we must treat it as such,” he urged, emphasizing the importance of cultivating a sense of belonging and responsibility towards the capital city.

Prime Minister Manele’s call for unity and respect towards the landowners resonates deeply in a nation where issues of land ownership and rights have often been contentious.

By acknowledging the contribution of the Guadalcanal people and urging mutual respect, Manele aims to foster a spirit of cooperation and collaboration essential for the continued development and prosperity of Honiara and the nation as a whole.

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