Manele extends hand of cooperation to Wale


IN a conciliatory gesture aimed at fostering unity and collaboration in the political arena, Prime Minister Jeremiah Manele extended his acknowledgment and respect to Hon. Mathew Wale, the Parliamentary Wing Leader for the Coalition for Accountability Reform and Empowerment (CARE), and the opposition coalition.

Addressing Wale in his inaugural speech yesterday, Prime Minister Manele expressed his recognition of Wale’s candidacy for Prime Minister and the importance of the opposition’s role in providing checks and balances to the Government of National Unity and Transformation (GNUT).

“I also acknowledge the other candidate for Prime Minister, Hon. Mathew Wale, and the other coalition group,” Prime Minister Manele stated, affirming his commitment to inclusive governance and acknowledging the diversity of perspectives within the political landscape.

Manele expressed confidence in Wale’s dedication to serving the people and the country, despite their differing political affiliations. “Whilst we may be on opposing sides, we all have one ultimate purpose, and that is to serve our people and country,” he remarked, emphasizing the shared goal of national progress and development.

The Prime Minister concluded his remarks with a message of goodwill, invoking divine guidance for Wale and his colleagues as they discharge their duty to the people. “May God grant you wisdom in the discharge of your duty to our People,” Manele stated, underscoring the importance of wisdom and integrity in political leadership.

Manele’s outreach to the opposition signals a commitment to cooperation and constructive engagement, setting a positive tone for political discourse and governance in the nation. As both government and opposition work towards their respective goals, Manele’s call for unity and mutual respect lays a foundation for collaborative efforts aimed at advancing the interests of the people and the country as a whole.

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