Newcomer Phillip Kwato’o has replaced Daniel Suidani as the leader of their camp ahead of Malaita’s premier election next week.

Mr Kwato’o, part Malaita and Choiseul, is the MPA for Ward 29, in Central Kwara’ae and was nominated on Wednesday this week.

He brings with him the sense of fresh blood and positive change into the arena of provincial governance politics of Malaita.

But, leadership and service is not new to Kwato’o.

Before entering politics, Kwato’o was engaged in years of philanthropic work for his communities in and around his village of Malawai in Central Kwara’ae and communities in Choiseul. These include the building of rest houses, clinic and classrooms.

He holds a bachelors in Mining Engineering, and had worked in various organisations including heading the School of Gemology and Jewellery at the Technical Institute of Malaita, Training Manager at SolBrew, Camp Manager for an exploration operation in Isabel.

Kwato’o is up against the odds, coming in to lead a camp that is reportedly with a minority group of 13 MPAs against Elijah Asilaua’s camp, which claims to have 20 members.

However, Kwato’o is unfazed, saying that in politics the buck stops with the announcement of results.

Thus, he says they are confident of boosting their numbers ahead of the premier’s election next week.

Kwato’o believes that the other camp has genuine leaders who will believe in his visions for the province, and will join his camp.

He said he believes in working together for the betterment of Malaita, so all MPAs should have a part to play in his administration.

Meanwhile, Asilaua’s camp continues to claim they are strongly bonded heading to next week’s election.

An MPA from Asilaua’s camp, Jerry Hite said they are waiting on Sikaiana’s MPA to arrive in Auki before their 20-strong membership is complete.

Hite said they are also working on luring MPAs from Kwato’o’s camp.

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