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Solomon Islands
Monday, May 17, 2021

    10th parliament ends but we are nowhere near

    THE other day a next of kin was relaying his recent encounter with a Member of Parliament in a Honiara shop. The MP who shall remain nameless pulled out a cheque book and said to...

    What ‘NO’ and ‘STOP’ means

    THIS month, we have shared feelings of great anger, shame and grief. We are angry that our children are not safe from the most cruel and devastating violence of rape. We are ashamed that our community...

    So the public and taxpayers to pay for others’ mistakes

    It was once called the People’s Budget. Over the years it has become crystal clear that the government workers create problems and expect ordinary taxpayers to pay the cost of others’ mistakes. Take the Airport...

    Peace is not just absence of war

    Though our country might be relatively peaceful, to some, peace is more than just the absence of war. Peace is to be able to live each day knowing there will always be food on the...

    If you missed it, here is why

    By Alfred Sasako. IF you were wondering why I was absent from the pages of Island Sun last week, here is why. I was away in China where I had accompanied the President of the Pacific...

    It’s hard to believe but it’s true

    By Alfred Sasako.   CAN you imagine growing rice in seawater? Many of us will find it hard to believe it but it’s true. After years of research, Chinese scientists have put rice grown in seawater...

    Muaki questions Mamara town development & govt

    By EDDIE OSIFELO SINGAPORE’s METROPOLIC Pacific PTE Ltd move to build 5000 houses at Mamara in North West Guadalcanal has raised more questions than answers for some landowners. Former Special Secretary to Prime Minister, Andrew Muaki...

    Is the Prime Minister treading on dangerous ground?

    PRIME Minister Ricky Houenipwela successfully moved a special motion to adjourn Parliament until next Monday, March 26, 2018. It was a motion supported by both sides of the House. The rationale is to give the...

    Sexual violence against children and girls is crime against humanity

    AS Chairman of the Solomon Islands Christian Association (SICA), I want to join the many concerned individuals, families, and groups who have already spoken out to condemn acts of sexual violence against our children...

    Joy, peace, progress and prosperity

    THE title to this piece is taken from the words of the Solomon Islands national anthem and since the country gained its independence in 1978, one might question whether the Solomon Islands has truly...