Malaita woman calls for peace ahead of 2022

A MALAITA woman has called on Solomon Islanders to uphold peace and unity for the good of all as the country enters the festive season and another year.

Ender Rence was speaking during a citizen-led reconciliation that took place at the All Saints Church on the 19th of December 2021.

This was between Neddie Kelly Luito, survivor of an attack that took place after the recent riots, and a non-political group called UMI Citizens.
Rence, who represented mothers and children of Malaita and Solomon Islands, strongly condemned the incident that happened to innocent people during the unrest.

“It was total nonsense when people loot, steal, burn, and going around killing another fellow Solomon Islanders in Honiara,” she said.

The incident significantly disturbed our peace, especially for women and children.

“Our peace is disturbed when we cannot go to purchase or sell our produce at the market.

“Our peace is disturbed and absent when we cannot go and fetch water or go to the garden.

“Our peace is disturbed worrying whether or not basic services such as water or electricity will continue to be provided for our needs.

“Whether, our families are safe in their various places of residence or work.

“Whether we are going to have enough food to put on the table or where are we going to get our next meal?

“The uncertainty leaves us insecure and vulnerable.”

Rence highlighted the importance of connection and unity between our various people and provinces.

Ender Rence handing the cash money to Teddie

“We are a country with a very small population. People are connected either through blood, friends, or intermarriage,” she said.

Rence stressed how intermarriage has and continues to connect people from different provinces making us related one way or another.

She gave an example of her aunt Esther Lembu, who is also the aunt of the survivor Neddie Kelly Luito, who is from the Western province.

“We are one family whether related or connected through intermarriage.”

Rence asked the survivor to accept the reconciliation gift and forgive the perpetrator to have lasting peace.

“Satan has blinded us to do bad things but looking unto Jesus, the Alpha and Omega is the only one who will give us true forgiveness and peace as promised in the Bible in Philippians 4:6.

“The Lord Himself told the disciples, ‘Peace I leave with you: My peace I give you. I do not give you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid”. (John 14:27).

“Peace Jesus gives us through forgiveness by his blood will sustain us in the tumultuous times ahead!”

Rence thanked organisers of Umi citizens for giving her the opportunity and the Chief Rence Sore and family rep of Teddy for accepting the “Say sorry” ceremony.

The ceremony ended with Umi Citizen giving a shell money (tafuliae) and $500 cash as part of Malaita say sorry Culture to Neddie and his relatives)

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