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Solomon Islands
Monday, May 17, 2021

    VIEWPOINT- SEZs can drive transformational economic development in SI

    IF you are like me, observing with mortification, the languid state of our economic development, then I hope this article can ignite excitement that this state of affairs can actually change, literally overnight- well...

    Muaki questions Mamara town development & govt

    By EDDIE OSIFELO SINGAPORE’s METROPOLIC Pacific PTE Ltd move to build 5000 houses at Mamara in North West Guadalcanal has raised more questions than answers for some landowners. Former Special Secretary to Prime Minister, Andrew Muaki...

    China vaccine needs certification before roll out

    TRANSPARENCY Solomon Islands (TSI) commends the responsible decision of the Executive Government for the recently arrived vaccine from People’s Republic of China (PRC) - that it be certified by World Health Organization (WHO) before...

    VIEWPOINT- PPP used to develop Tina Hydro is the best model under the circumstances.

    PETER FORAU Honiara I’M compelled to contribute to the discussion on the PPP form adopted to develop the Tina Hydro Project basically to provide an answer to the question on whether Solomon Islands as the owner...

    VIEWPOINT- Pacific Way(s) and regionalism

    TARCISIUS KABUTAULAKA THE tumultuous dispute over the selection of the Secretary General of the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF), which led to Micronesian countries deciding to withdraw from the premier regional organisation, provides an opportunity to...

    VIEWPOINT- Tailings dam pollution issue: TSI

    TRANSPARENCY Solomon Islands (TSI) commends the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management & Meteorology (MECCDMM) for recognizing and admitting to the Chairman of Kolobisi Tailings Dam Association that Gold Ridge Mining Limited...

    Loggers into shipping means trouble’

    BY JENNIFER KUSAPA Loggers moving into an already struggling shipping industry spells trouble, warns shipping Industry leader, Charles Welchman Rubaha. Mr Rubaha is reinforcing Opposition Leader Matthew Wale’s call for government to act on this invasion...

    VIEWPOINT- Loggers disregard of legal requirements

    TRANSPARENCY Solomon Islands (TSI) in its recent visit to South Choiseul was approached by community members of Posarae, Lituni and Loloko village who shared their concerns about logging activities happening within their various communities...

    No man, woman should stand family violence: Chief Justice

    BY JENNIFER KUSAPA “No man, woman, or young person in the society in his right mind should tolerate the increasing surge of crimes of violence against families.” Chief Justice Sir Albert Palmer says this in the...

    Reflecting on the Wantok System after 40 years of community

    By Derek Mane ON the morning of July 7, 1978, Solomon Islanders in various locations throughout the country lower the Union Jack and raised the Solomon Islands flag. A birth of a new nation, 40...