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Friday, August 7, 2020

MHMS plan to establish quarantine facilities at provinces

BY MAVIS NISHIMURA PODOKOLO MINISTRY of Health and Medical Services (MHMS) plans to establish quarantine facilities at the provinces...

    Human resource – NRH lab’s main challenge

    BY LYNTON AARON FILIA   HUMAN resource is one of the major challenges the national referral hospital’s lab is facing. And this problem has been persisting for years, it is revealed. This has forced Taiwanese deployed doctors to...

    Neglected in Manila

    Solo students in the Philippines without allowance since July, NTU remains silent   BY LYNTON AARON FILIA   SECOND-year government-sponsored students in the Philippines have been reduced to begging the DCC Government to give them their allowance. They have...

    Cervical cancer on the rise

    BY LORETTA BRIGIDIA MANELE Cervical cancer is on the rise, it is revealed. And, women and girls throughout the country are being urged to visit their nearest health centre for check-up. This was revealed by Adolescent, Youth...

    Touching Lives touches the sick

    BY ALICE NANTARA On Thursday at the National Referral Hospital Paediatric Ward, the nurse in-charge conveyed her appreciation to the students and organisers for visiting. Ms Anna Lofea, who is the Nurse Manager at the Children’s...

    Touching Lives gives back to the community

    BY ALICE NANTARA 400-plus King George Sixth students and their patrons gathered yesterday midday at the National Referral Hospital Square to fulfil the main goal of ‘Touching Lives’. Opening prayer was done by the school Chaplain...

    Women encouraged to test for breast cancer

    BY BARNABAS MANEBONA RADIOLOGY Department at the National Referral Hospital (NRH) is encouraging women at the age of 35 and above to do testing for breast cancer. This is if there is any sign of lumps...

    What you drop around, comes around

    Stop open defaecation and purchase cheaper toilet today   BY PRIESTLEY HABRU WHEN you fail to notice blue flies swarming your uncovered food after feasting from human wastes disposed carelessly in nearby bushes or beaches; then you...

    Milking the sick

    National referral hospital probes doctor, reports of malpractice rife in NRH surface By Alfred Sasako (in Hong Kong) NOT so often that one hears about a hospital putting one of its top surgeons under the microscope. That is...

    New project launched to recognise NPHL accreditation

    BY SAMIE WAIKORI A new project was recently launched under the joint partnership of STDF, FAO and SIG during the one-day inception workshop on NPHL ISO 17025 accreditation. The aim of the project is to develop...

    SI will soon sell goods universally

    BY SAMIE WAIKORI THE country will soon trade its goods, especially consumable products for the first time to the rest of the world. Work is currently in its preparatory stage and focus is on pursuing accreditation...