Cheating people

How healthy are the food we buy and are we being tricked into buying less food for more cash? By Gary Hatigeva CONSUMERS are furious over shocking images which reveal that some shops in Honiara are...

Gov’t medical expense

Some MPs clock up nearly $500,000 each on overseas health check-up By Alfred Sasako IT has been revealed that taxpayers forked out nearly $500,000 in medical and travel costs each time a Member of Parliament travelled...

NRH in distress

Kava family rescues hospital with glove donation   EARLY this week, the National Referral Hospital (NRH) has received a timely donation of latex hand gloves. The NRH had reportedly run out of latex hand gloves last week,...

Dire need for new ablution block

BY BARNABAS MANEBONA IT has been almost two years now and Tulaghi clinics ablution block used is only a local kitchen leaf hut type. This has raised grave concern from the clinic patients, members of the...

4 held in Rennell

Asians quarantined in mining operation in Renbel province suspected of China corona virus BY BARNABAS MANEBONA and ALFRED PAGEPITU FOUR men are being held in isolation...

Top Health official unclear over suspension on St Vincent arrangement

By Alfred Sasako SOLOMON Islands’ top Health official has confirmed being aware of the suspension of the 10-bed arrangement with Sydney’s St Vincent’s Hospital, but added “not very clear on the reasons” for it. “I’m aware...

SI records highest number of ill fed children in Pacific

BY LYNTON AARON FILIA SOLOMON Islands has recorded the highest number of stunted children in the Pacific, according to report. The report from UNICEF says 33 out of 100 children in Solomon Islands are stunted. In...

Taiwan responds to NRH drug shortage

BY LYNTON AARON FILIA THE Republic of China (Taiwan), through its embassy in Honiara, on Tuesday donated medical supplies to the National Referral Hospital’s operation theatre and surgical ward as a quick response to the...

High NCD rates, more blindness

BY MAVIS NISHIMURA PODOKOLO THE high rates of non-communicable diseases (NCD) is leading to more cases of blindness, it is reported. And, eye health care providers have been told to work together to fight the alarming...

Healthy water a concern

By Ezekiel Talatau MANY people take for granted clean water from their taps and borehole, without realising if the water is treated well and good for human consumption. People working in the ministry of health lab...


Important role of Labour Mobility Oversight Committee

THE Labour Mobility Oversight Committee (LMOC) has an important role in Labour mobility.

Gov’t hands $800K towards Aussie bush fire

By Mike Puia THE government last night handed SBD$800,000 towards the Australia...

Australia opens up for Solomon Islands

BY ALFRED PAGEPITU AUSTRALIA is considering ‘further opening up its doors’ to Solomon Islanders, it is reported. This is...

Indonesia pushes for an umbrella framework cooperation agreement with Solomon Islands

By Alfred Sasako   INDONESIA'S Ambassador to Solomon Islands, Adriana Supandy, has revealed his country wants an Umbrella Framework...

PM to produce PIF report to Cabinet

By EDDIE OSIFELO PRIME Minister Manasseh Sogavare will present the report of the government’s trip to the recent...

Aust announces $11m funding for marine pollution

BY CHARLES KADAMANA In Funafuti, Tuvalu THE Australian government has announced SBD$11m for the Pacific Regional Environment programme to...
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