Women urge leaders to tackle Gizo’s water crisis


Several mothers in Gizo, Western Province, are urging their leaders to address the water issue in Gizo, the capital of the Western Province.

One of the mothers interviewed, Mayan Mabel, expressed concern over the longstanding water crisis in Gizo, emphasising the difficulties it poses for mothers and children. She noted that at the Gizo Market, only toilets are provided without a shower room for women, citing this as a consequence of the water issue.

Mabel emphasised the importance of Western Province leaders finding solutions to the water problem. She highlighted that the lack of adequate water infrastructure not only disrupts daily life but also presents significant obstacles to Gizo’s future development.

Western Provincial capital Gizo

Lorretta, the Acting President of the Gizo Market Vendors Association, corroborated Mabel’s statements, confirming that no shower room was built for market vendors, with only toilets provided. She also affirmed that water scarcity is one of the primary challenges facing Gizo residents.

Even though Western Province is a popular tourist spot in the Solomon Islands, Gizo still doesn’t have enough clean water, and the water problem is still a big issue for the people who live there.

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