Youki not SITCo product: Singh

By Gary Hatigeva

WITH the recent revelation in the alleged manufacturing of tobacco product under a ‘Youki’ brand name that is said to be done without approval of the responsible authorities, there is also confusion over similarities in appearances and status as compared to current existing products in the country.

Yesterday, Island Sun’s publication on the issue also noted from sources including follow ups with those inside the Solomon Islands Tobacco Company (SITCo) for clarification on product similarities.

However, this paper was able to establish an official interview with the management for formal clarifications on this confusion over product similarities who officially disassociate SITCo from the reported brand name.

In an interview with SITCo’s General Manager, Shusendra Singh, he confirmed yesterday’s information on the product and distanced the company from being owner or part of the Youki brand.

Mr Singh clarified and further explained that the current brands manufactured by SITCo in the Solomon Islands are Pall Mall, Rothmans, and Solbako.

He said all brands sold in the country are packaged in compliance with the laws and contain the contact details of the company.

“The brand reported in the media article is not a product of SITCo,” the SITCo General Manager affirmed.

Meanwhile, he expressed SITCo’s supports to any government initiatives to carryout investigations into the reported issue as a matter of fairness.

“We welcome an even playing field for all tobacco manufacturers in the Solomon Islands in full compliance with all laws and regulations,” Singh added.

Currently, the country only has two major tobacco manufacturers, the Solomon Islands Tobacco Company Limited and the Solomon Sun who is the manufacturer of the Bro brand.

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