Unregistered pets in shops is illegal


DESPITE how much shop owners may love their pet(s), they just cannot keep them in their shops.

Honiara City Council Chief Health Inspector George Titulu says unregistered pets kept in shops within town boundary is illegal.

He said this in response to complaints from public on shop owners keeping animals or pets in their shops, which public say poses a health risk to customers and members of public.

The animals are also regarded as a nuisance by many.

Mr Titulu said the dog ordinance of the council states that animals found without a disc or wondering at large in circumstances which constitutes a nuisance or danger to public or to any person renders them (animal) illegal.

“With these circumstances it endangers the health of daily consumers in terms of pets’ nuisances.

“Due to these mentioned circumstances taming of unregistered pets at shops in town boundary is illegal,” he said.

In relation to its penalties the ordinances states that any person found breaching this ordinance will be charged in the magistrate court in relation to the offence.

Titiulu says shop owners who are in the habit of rearing pets in their shops should be made aware of the ordinance.

Hence the council is planning a campaign in mid-year to educate and inform pet owners, shop owners who have pets and general public over the set ordinances of dogs and animals.

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