White Angel killing: Police remind public not to feed speculations

Royal Solomon Islands Police Force recovering the body of the Chinese shopowner found dead in her shop last year. PHOTO CHARLES KADAMANA
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POLICE Commissioner Mostyn Mangau has called on public to refrain from feeding rumours regarding the Chinese woman’s death.

He pleads with public to let police investigate and ascertain the truth.

In his weekly media conference yesterday, Mangau said truth of the incident will be revealed when investigation completes.

He said police have attended the scene and several people who were present at the scene between 8am and 9am on Tuesday have been interviewed.

He said a post mortem was conducted and police are waiting on the Doctor’s report.

With regards to the CCTV footage, police are yet to view the footage as Government ICT experts are working to extract the footage from the retrieved hard drive.

Mangau said that police are working very hard on their investigation, “at this stage there is no clear information on any suspected individuals but investigation still ongoing”.

Mangau also said public need to be aware that speculation of false rumour creates fear in the community.

He also refutes rumours regarding a mafia group, there is no such mafia group set-up, and the incident occurred on Tuesday was just like any crime occurred, let alone police investigate and let the out-come of the investigation determine whether it is an organized group or not.

“We cannot just speculate on something that we do not have proof”, Mangau added.