Western Province vows to strengthen ties with Isabel


WESTERN Province has vowed to strengthen its ties with Isabel Province while looking at potential development aspiration where both provinces can benefit going forward.

Premier of Western Province, Christian Mesepitu made the statement during an event held at Gizo on Friday to commemorate the 38th Isabel Second Appointed Day.

Mesepitu said both provinces are endowed with natural resources which have contributed to the country’s economy and it will be more beneficial if Isabel and Western Province collectively elaborate on common development interests that would enhance rural livelihood as well as improve standard of living.

Pamela Szetu, Fei Siota and friends at the event

He said the relationship between the two provinces dated back during the head hunting error, thus the blood connection and shared cultures are common making it easier for both provinces to collaborate in any development aspirations.

“To date people from both provinces have been tracing their origins to areas and respective parts of the provinces.

“This is further consolidated through inter-marriage and other genealogical ties which in many ways only served to reinforce what has been a traditional relationship that was in existence for centuries.

“From development perspectives, given our shared common heritage and ties, we should also look at ways where our provinces can cooperate through mutual understanding and respect to progress our development agendas.

Isabel family performed the famous Isabel dance Salo olo

“It is time we need to explore how these connections can be better utilize to benefit our citizens in a more equitable manner,” Mesepitu said.

He said Western Province is advocating for the federal system to be fast tracked and he hopes Isabel Province will also give its support toward the call.

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