Overstayers face deportation

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THE Immigration Division is working hard to deport overstayers in the country once the border reopens.

The non-citizens who worked in various companies have their two years visa expired during the Covid 19 and lockdown and could not return to their respective countries.

Acting Direction of Immigration, Chris Akosawa confirmed this last week during the training for Immigration and Police officers to familiarise with the ‘Keepem Yu Safe’ Operation Plan for the border reopening.

Akosawa said the Immigration Division will make sure the overstayers return home because they have breached the Immigration law.

Furthermore, Chief Immigration Officer, Arnold Horesi explained the deportation process of unlawful non-citizens.

Horesi said his office will send the deportation order to the Attorney General for vetting and the Minister of Commerce, Industry, Labour and Immigration to sign before gazette.

He said by serving the deportation order to the person, the person can agree in consent or seek judicial review within seven days.

Furthermore, Horesi said the same process applies for detention of a non-citizen who breached the Immigration law except the Director signs the detention order and not the Minister.

Akosawa said when a person is deported, the person can return back to Solomon Islands after two years if the person pays the fine.

However, he said the person is restricted to enter the country if the person still has outstanding financial obligation with the state.