Border agents urged to be vigilant

THE multi-agencies manning the border entries in the country are urged to look out for the changing nature of criminals involving in smuggling, trafficking and organised crimes.

Australia Border Force Damien Pollard signals this warning during the training for Immigration and Police officers in Honiara last week.

The two days training (Monday 30th May and Thursday 2nd June) aimed to:

Equip Immigration and Police officers with knowledge to execute the operation plan’s border reopening framework for international airports, maritime and SI-PNG traditional border crossing; and

Understand the execution of a joint multi-law enforcement border operation plans to facilitate international border reopening.

“The other fascinating thing while we have border risks pre covid, they may change dramatically whilst we reopen the border particularly with organised illegally activities.

“Example, if someone is bringing in people illegally, usually once we identify and start blocking it, these people are very smart, they change the way they operate very quickly,” Pollard said.

He said as soon as they get the slightest hint you are on to it, the whole things change.

“As an intelligent analyst, once you start seeing that, you got to pre-empt where they going to and you got to start putting yourselves into the mindset, which way I would go and start identify the emerging trends there and get to on to that.

“But it forever changing environment, these people are highly sophisticated and they want to get people through the border and they will at any cost and and we got to stay ahead of the game and be aware what’s going around us,” he added.

Further to that, Pollard urged the intel officers to collect information of any suspicion and critically analysed it before forwarding the report to Director of Immigration in order to disrupt the illegal movement.

However, he said people are hesitating to put intel report in cases it does not happen and make them not look good in their role.

“When put your report together make sure this report is defensible,” he added.

Pollard said the importance of intel report is to reduce uncertainty, ascertain contact, assisting prioritising and assist decision making and help policy change.

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