Uta Princess II – from South Korea to Solomon Islands

By Ezekiel Talatau

“IT is a first time in history for us, 6 members of Uta shipping company to transport UTA Princess II from South Korea Sea to Japan Sea, Guam, and Caroline to Solomon Islands,” said Master Sutu.

This is the man responsible for bringing the Uta Princess from Korea to Solomon Islands.

He added that they encountered a lot of challenges on their way to the Solomon Islands from Korea.

“We departed the South Korean Sea to Japan Sea. At the arrival on Japan, we have given a 1 week to monitor the weather if it’s fine for us to travel.

“Unluckily, the weather patterns seemingly changing, therefore the Japan chief captain told us to leave Japan before typhoon hits the country.

“Along the way from South Korea to Japan, We have come across Traffic Density in other words, increasing movements of ships in and out of South Korea to Japan Sea.”

He added that he never before experienced such kind of ship movements, but that experience gave him an insight view of what he learnt during his studies to become a master.

“On our way out from the Japan, we have experience minor problem on steering and low barometer,” Master Sutu said.

“This is an indication of low depression which we just pass resulting from Typhoon that hits japan recently.

“We travel from Japan, Guam, Coraline Islands to Solomon Islands within 14 days. The 2 days we have experiencing strong rough sea and fine sea with the rest of the days.”

Sutu added that, he never before, transported ships this far, but with the help of his chief engineer, chief officer, and crews, he has done so.

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