Launching & commissioning of Uta Princess II at Susubona

By Ezekiel Talatau

THE launching of the Uta Princess II yesterday marks a history of the people of Hograno to witness the new arrival of their ships.

The launching took place at the Susubona wharf (Isabel province), escorted by two canoes and led by chiefs.

In front of the Uta Princess II was a two boats guided by Uta Princess I.

Guest welcome at Susubona wharf.

On the way to the wharf, Hograno delegation, communities and church leaders gathered and waited to welcome Uta Princess II led by the Uta Shipping Company, guest and Rock Heaven staff.

The launching started with beautiful songs from the Momotu choir; followed by other chorus songs, the Solomon Islands national anthem and the Isabel anthem.

The theme “From Nothing to Excellence, Rural revolution” signifies the struggles, hardship and challenges people in Hograno face and how they overcome the challenges and changes to their way of living.

Selwyn Riumana the director of Uta shipping company and Rock Haven Limited said the new ship Uta princess II will help everyone in Hograno regarding transportation.

Uta Princess II being launched with its guests on board.

Bank of South Pacific representative Mr Christopher Robertson said he is proud to see such development within these communities.

“The future of this people is also relies on such knowledgeable men that has a heart to his people to create and open a door way to development.”

With the appreciation of the chief and the communities, the guest received small prices.

The programme ended with a lot of entertainment led by the Uta shipping company and Rock Haven staff followed by dancing groups.

Kolotubi Choir singing the Commissioning Hymn.
Uta shipping crew display their uniform at the launching.

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