Updated information is the public’s need, says Tozaka

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The public of Western province need updated information regarding the status of covid-19 in the province.

Freedom Tozaka made the statement in reference to report published by the Ministry of Health and Medical Services which states that there has been no COVID-19 reports received from Western province over the past three days.

 “Information is needed at this stage of second wave of COVID-19. The health Division should come out very clear with the updated data.

“This is very important for public information for Western Province.

“It is alarming as well that little children have been effected and I do call on the responsible Authority to come up with the correct data so that people can know and only then people will adhere to COVID-19 safety protocols.

“Remember informations and communication can save many lives.

“Please do not repeat what happens during the first wave in the months from Jan to March,” he said.

Tozaka said frequent update on the latest status of COVID-19 in Western Province is paramount to establish precautionary measures.

He believes that the first wave has given enough lessons for health officials to improve more on information dissemination and awareness.

Tozaka said chain of command within Western Province needs to step up when it comes to dissemination of important information for the public.

This paper sought comments from Gizo Health Division but unable to get feedbacks yesterday.

According to MHMS Western Province has recorded a total of 2107 cases. However, the number could decrease as authorities is in a process of cleaning the data and remove duplicates record. Latest update will be made public in the next address.