Marovo constituency to fix ship to boost trade for fishermen

Marovo MP, Chachabule Amoi
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MAROVO Constituency Development Office has announced an ingenious plan to assist fishermen of the constituency.

The constituency will fix the ship, LC Swift to transport fisheries and agriculture products to Honiara.

Member of Parliament for Mavoro Constituency, Chachabule Amoi has already initiated work on bringing over new bottom plates from Singapore to replace the hull of the ship.

Repairs will be done at Noro.

Furthermore, the constituency office is looking at installing an ice making machine which can produce 70 per day somewhere at Seghe to supply blocks for fishermen and livestock farmers.

In the buildup of the plan, remaining 12 boats of a total of 160 boats/canoes should be completed this month and will be distributed in June.

A total of 160 horsepower engine is expected to be delivered along with the 160 boats/canoes as well as 200kg Esky each for storage of perishable goods and products. According to the constituency office, all these projects will be executed this year with the hope to supply fish and other products to the PG2023 when it occur next year