Many taking second wave lightly, says Rodgers

Honiara is the beating heart of the country's economy.
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Authorities say it’s worrying to see certain people have taken the second wave of covid-19 lightly.

“The most concerning bit in the country is the second wave of covid-19.What health has been observing is people taking the second wave quite lightly and some not really serious,” Secretary to the Prime Minister Dr Jimmie Rodgers said.

He said there are a lot of people walking around without masks in the capital.

“This kind of action will continue to increase the spread of COVID-19,” Rodgers said.

He adds in terms of vaccination rate it is also increasing and that is good news.

“But if we are going to open our borders to international travellers, we need to increase vaccination above the recorded 45 percent of the national figure.

“We need to reach or exceed 70 percent of vaccination coverage nationally. Once we open our international borders we are opening it to other variants of covid-19,” he said.            

Attorney General John Muria Junior said the country is experiencing second wave and COVID measures must be applied.

“We still require people to wear mask when leaving there houses or homes, bus conductors to ensure passengers to wear masks, shop owners to ensure people comply to covid-19 safe measures etc…the orders have not been revoked,” Muria said.

“So I’ll call on people to adhere to those measures because they are still operational to ensure we protect ourselves, protect our families and communities to contain the spread.”