Tender for Kilu’ufi hospital next month


MALAITA provincial government is thrill to learn on the progress of Japanese $120 million funded project to upgrade Kilu’ufi hospital in Auki, Malaita province.

This week a team from Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) was in Auki and briefed the acting premier, Hon Edward Misite’e on project’s progress.

“Upon what my office had learned from them, the design stage of the project is almost finish whilst they also working on the cost of the project.

“According to their schedule, tender for the project will be done toward the end of November in Japan.

And the tender will be done internationally, as I learned during discussion with them,” he said.

Misite’e said Malaita provincial government is supportive of the project and they will work closely together with JICA to make it happens.

He said the project is one of the major developments MPG is look forward to that will benefit Malaitans when completes.

Misite’e said being the most populated province in the country, Malaita province continue to lot of health challenges and the project will help in trying to address them.

He said reiterated MPG’s support for the project and thanked the people and government of Japan for continues support to the country especially Malaita province.

Beside the upgrade of Kilu’ufi hospital, Misite’e said his office was also informed on Japan’s continue support under the grassroot program for the country.

He said Malaita province is among other provinces that continue to benefit greatly from the program.

Misite’e said that under the program, water supplies, classrooms, staff houses and other infrastructure projects were implemented in communities in the province.

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